Good Sexual Health Matters

Most men like sex. And many, at some point in their lives, want to have children. If you’re a guy who’s having a problem with either, it’s probably pretty important to you. At Maze, we can help. Our medical director, Michael A. Werner, MD, is a renowned board-certified urologist. He and his team are experts in the continually evolving advances in male infertility and sexual dysfunction treatments that can significantly impact your outcome.

Virtual Telehealth Appointments: We’re now open for in-office visits (with safety measures) and will continue offering virtual appointments. We look forward to providing the best care in a way with which you’re most comfortable. Schedule an in-office or virtual appointment today.

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Meet The Team at Maze Men's Health

Led by Medical Director Michael A. Werner, the team of experts at Maze Men’s Health believe that the greatest chance of success results from treating the whole patient. This means that both physical and psychological aspects of sexual issues are addressed simultaneously.


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  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Werner’s for over 21 years and he is the most compassionate, friendly doctor I have ever met. I look for his advice even outside of his specialty. The same can be said for Nick and all of the staff at Maze. – A, 59 –”

    – A, 59 –

  • “My Low T was causing no libido and ED. Dr. Werner and his team worked with me to come up with a plan. Now I tell all my friends to come see Dr. Werner!”

    FM, Age 70

  • “Top staff, rigorous process, timely service and excellent follow-up. ”

    AP, Age 63

  • “To say that Dr. Werner saved my life, would be an understatement!”

    MT, Age 45

  • “I am grateful to this fine physician for his compassion and understanding and professional skill. He quite literally saved my sex life.”

    RG, Age 54

  • “The treatment has been life changing. I am interested in sex and having sex again with my wife. I literally feel 10 years younger.”

    RT, Age 42

  • “I have very high standards and Dr. Werner more than surpassed them all. ”

    RM, Age 56

  • “I have not had this much function since I was 20 years old. The treatment has been successful for me, and Dr. Werner's manner made it easier to seek help than I thought it would be.”

    LC, Age 40

  • “The comfort level and attention that Dr. Werner gave to my situation gave new life to what I was previously told (by a prior physician) was a near impossible resolution.”

    JB, Age 61

  • “I had sexual problems, and Dr. Werner was the solution. I recommend him to anyone that is having problems with their sex lives. He is not just "some guy" that will prescribe you a pill and walk away.”

    JT, Age 37