The way a doctor's office should be.

— Bob R. / July 2019

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Dr. Werner and his staff are absolutely the best. I have been a patient here for 2 years and I actually enjoy my appointments because everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. I had a vasectomy and it was an easy procedure at this office with no pain and a very quick recovery. I have no problem recommending to other men that they get this procedure if they have finished having children.

Maze offers other good quality services, such as counseling, fitness testing, testosterone treatment, and sperm banking.

If you’re hesitant about vasectomy procedures or seeking treatment for male issues, I can say that this office makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Not once did I ever feel awkward. Professional and caring, the way a doctor’s office should be.

Best medical care I've ever experienced.

— JJ. C. / January 2019

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I have been seeing Dr. Werner and his fine staff for a few years now and simply put — it’s the best medical care I’ve ever experienced. Due in large part to the guidance and healthcare I’ve experienced here I feel like the best version of myself at age 41.   could not recommend this Dr. Werner and his great team more highly.

I can't give a higher recommendation than Dr. Werner!

— Bill C. / December 2018

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My wife and I both have friends and family that had difficulty conceiving a child, so we decided to make sure that both of us were “ok” before we started trying, especially since I was in my early 50s.  Good thing that we did. And good thing we met Dr. Werner.

The Doctor correctly diagnosed an issue that I had that was quickly addressed with a medical procedure.  Between that and some non-invasive and natural enhancing actions that were in line with our religious beliefs, we were able to conceive our first child within 3 months of my procedure. We now have a wonderful 2 year old son, and with Dr. Werner’s help we recently conceived our 2nd child only a few months after the Doctor implemented the same plan as the first time around.

My wife and I are forever grateful to the Doctor for his help, which he always explained in an easy-to-understand way with a compassionate demeanor.

I can’t give a higher recommendation than Dr. Werner!

Negative experience for me.

— Jed R. / November 2018

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A word of advice to anyone considering taking “the plunge” into this business: Bring money. Lots of it. Recently I had received an e-mail about the change in location of this Men’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Center, which brought back extremely negative, embarrassing and depressing memories of my experience. I has visited this Center in the fall of 2013, when one of its services had been called The Andropause Center. As a 40-something male, I had expressed specific interest in learning about the symptoms of “low T” (all of which I had) — and possible testosterone replacement therapy. They did not take any insurance plans, and judging by the new website, they still don’t. That is certainly their right, but when I visited the Center for a few appointments (which included a test for nocturnal erections, visits with a certified male sex therapist, and a LOT of lab work) my bill turned out to be over $3,400 out of pocket — and that was even after my health insurance kicked in after the deductible. Maybe I was being horribly naive, but I believe it was remiss of the business not to at least keep me abreast of this growing out-of-pocket bill rather than waiting until I received the total large amount at once. The staff could not understand why this was so disconcerting to me. A simple warning about the growing bill would have sufficed. Worse, the subject of testosterone replacement never even came up even when I asked, and aside from some good advice about from a Dr. Paul Williams, I did not get any usable medical advice or significant results for my money. Granted, sexual health care is not “life saving treatment” — but at least with something like cosmetic surgery, you can expect to see results. I left feeling no different than when I first arrived. I had to abruptly stop visiting the Andropause Center because I simply could not afford any more out-of-pocket medical expenses for the following two years because of this experience. Thousands of dollars later, I left with nothing but a copy of my lab work and a few samples for Cialis and Viagra. Since then, I have learned of a lot of 40- and 50-something men I know resort to using black market ED drugs and testosterone to self-medicate themselves.

That said, it is worth mentioning that the staff was very polite and seemingly knowledgeable. But all in all, it was a negative experience for me from which I have not yet gotten over. I’m hoping that this business’ new location and the years have passed will make them better for future patients.

Response from Maze: We’re so sorry you had this experience with us. Our billing team really makes it a point to keep patients completely up to date on charges applied to their accounts. So although your experience is definitely not typical, we do apologize that you went through this. If you continue to have Low T symptoms or anything else that we may be able to assist you with, please feel free to contact me at 646-380-2600 and ask for Sue. It’s important to Dr. Werner, and all of us at Maze, that our patients receive exceptional, yet affordable care.

If only I could have found Dr. Werner sooner!

— Kristin C. / February 2018

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My husband visited Dr. Werner a few months back and this is his review of his experience (he has no Yelp acct):
“If only I could have found Dr. Werner sooner!

He is incredibly down to earth, makes you feel completely at ease and is super intelligent. I wish Dr. Werner could be my General Practitioner because he is knowledgeable well beyond his specialty of Urology. Can’t say enough good about him and I highly recommend him to all of my family and friends in need.”

A most happy camper!

— Mark C. / September 2014

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Dr. Michael Werner handles the most delicate issues of male sexuality with style, confidence, and success. He has a great support team and has produced fantastic results for this most appreciative patient! His sexual performance analyst (he has one of those, Paul) asked me how I was doing after a most edifying visit six weeks ago — I replied that “I was a most happy camper!”

Wonderful, accommodating and informative.

— Nico R. / July 2014

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I have been a patient of Dr. Werner’s for about 8 years and he is one of the best and most knowledgeable doctors that I have ever met. He always remembers my history and makes sure that whatever he recommends does not interfere with any medications I am currently taking. Any urological or sexual dysfunction issues that I have had in the past have been fully address and treated successfully by Dr. Werner. His staff is wonderful, accommodating and informative. Also, they have a wonderful follow up service where they call and text you just to make sure that you can make your appointment. I would recommend him to anyone — family, friends or strangers.

Answers all of your questions.

— Steve F. / Michigan / July 2014

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Excellent doctor. Caring office. Dr. Werner spends the necessary time with you, explains what he is doing and why, and answers all of your questions. He has been a big help.

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