Dr. Werner Testimonials

I deeply appreciate the efforts you and your staff have made...

Maze has created an experience of gaining insight and comfort with and acceptance of, my post surgical sexual self.

Based on my experience with Maze, I would highly recommend you, your clinicians and staff, to others — your approach and quality of concern and support (and determination!) have been hugely valuable. 

– A, NJ-

I have been a patient for almost 10 years...

If you want to go to an office where everyone there is encouraging, helpful, and sincere then Dr. Werner and staff is the place for you. I have been a patient for almost 10 years and never did I think it was about money for his operation.
They have always gave me clear information and guided me through any procedure or process I was working through. I would recommend this office to anyone that needs help!

– S.R., NY, 49

I could not recommend Dr. Werner and his great team more highly!

I have been seeing Dr. Werner and his fine staff for a few years now and simply put-its the best medical care I’ve ever experienced. Due in large part to the guidance and healthcare I’ve experienced here I feel like the best version of myself at age 41. I could not recommend this Dr. Werner and his great team more highly! Thank you all for what you do!!

– J.C, NY, Age 41 –

I Wish I Could Give Them More Stars!!

This is an amazing place!!!! Not only is Dr. Werner great, but the entire staff is incredible. They have completely changed my life for the better. Only wish I had known about them sooner. I wish I could give more stars!!!

–  David, NY, Age 39 –

I am in great, knowledgeable, and experienced hands.

Excellent care and follow up by Dr. Werner and Nick. As a doctor myself, I feel I am in great, knowledgeable, and experienced hands. A+

– A, NY, Age 44  –

To state that Dr. Werner saved my life, would be an understatement!

I have been under his care for almost a decade during which he guided me through successful Peyronies treatment, a penile fracture, erectile dysfunction, and in the end, a life beyond my wildest dreams. Dr. Werner, Nick, Paul, Rima, and his entire staff, have spent so much time investing in my physical health, in an effort to not only solve medical problems, but to maximize my overall quality of life.

Dr. Werner is beyond a great practitioner. He’s a great man. His balance of exemplary knowledge, comprehensive treatment, humor, and individualized patient care, has far exceeded any expectation that I have ever had for a doctor. This is to say that Dr. Werner has always treated me as a human being, first. Therefore, his understanding of the person whom he treats, in addition to only the most sound scientific research, makes his work life-altering.

Over the past 10 years, I have continually peppered his staff with questions and concerns, as I have always felt the need to stay educated. Backed by tremendous patience and humility, Dr. Werner has never made me feel like a number. I feel grateful that I found his office, years ago. To that end, I no longer consider him, Nick, or Paul, mere practitioners, but dear friends. I owe much, if not all of my progress over the last few years, to MAZE MENS HEALTH.

– Alix B, NJ, Age 51 –

Dr. Werner and team are knowledgeable, confident and really care about you as an individual!

My first impressions of Dr. Werner: smart, caring, confident, warm. He really listened to me and demonstrated a high level of confidence that he could help me. He understood the impact my symptoms were having on my life and didn’t minimize them. Paul (therapist) and Kristy (exercise physiologist) were also professional and inspired both calm and confidence.

I was initially referred to Dr. Werner for ED and began using a combination of medication and penile injections. Once Dr. Werner found the right dose for me, I was able to get the best erection I had had in over six months. I later developed Peyronie’s Disease as well. I was fortunate that Dr. Werner had significant experience treating Peyronie’s Disease, as he was able to assess me and recommend Xiaflex injections. While treating my Peyronie’s, Dr. Werner also suggested I begin Shockwave Therapy to further help my ED. Since completing both treatments, not only has my Peyronie’s seen dramatic improvement, but my ability to get an erection has improved 95%!

I feel very positive about my experience with Dr. Werner and Maze. These are good people and they are good at what they do. They understand the problem, treat you with respect and take your concerns seriously. I can’t imagine there’s any sexual health issue Dr. Werner would not be able to help you with! If you do consider coming to Maze, it’s important to stick with it and remember that these are medical issues and results do not happen overnight. I was incredibly nervous when I came in for my first appointment, but Dr. Werner has created an environment and a team at Maze that will immediately put you at ease.

Additionally, you and your partner must be on the same page since treatment is a process and requires both patience and good communication. I’m happy to say my wife and I have seen tremendous benefits, becoming even more communicative and closer as a couple throughout this process. Two years ago, I never would have believed coming in for treatment would have changed our relationship so positively.

– D, PA, Age 69 –

Bottom line is that Dr. Werner and all the staff were wonderful!

Very impressive and professional medical practice. Top staff, rigorous process, timely service and excellent follow-up. There is also a positive and vibrant demeanor projected by everyone in the office that I have not seen in other places. There is extensive testing that can get pricey for out of network patients, but cannot argue with the treatment process, quality and results. Bottom line is that Dr. Werner and all the staff are wonderful!

– AP, NY,  Age 63 –

The word I would use for Dr. Werner is “thorough."

In 2009, I came to see Dr. Werner for erectile dysfunction, but I was having symptoms for ten years before I got here! I had seen many other urologists, but they just couldn’t figure it out. When I found Dr. Werner, all that changed.

I was very impressed with the caring and knowledge he possesses. He really went out of his way to find out everything that was a piece of my issues. The word I would use for Dr. Werner is “thorough.”

He discovered that I had low testosterone as well as erectile dysfunction. Once I started treatment he had me come in every 4-6 months to check my numbers and regulate me. Together, we found the right treatment cocktail, and my issues were resolved within 4-6 weeks!*

If you ever feel, at any point in your life, that there is a problem, seek help immediately!

– A, NY, Age 47 –

Dr. Werner combines thoroughness with panache.

Dr. Werner combines thoroughness with panache. I feel like his care is totally comprehensive and I feel total confidence that no details will be missed. I have very high standards and he more than surpassed them all.

– R, NY, Age 59 –

Dr. Werner helped us start a family. We will always be extremely thankful.

How are you, Bat Sheva, and Dr. Werner? We hope all of you are doing well and I’m sure helping people move towards sexual wholeness.

We’re doing really well. Our little miracle from God, Anna Joy, is almost 5 months old now!! She is rolling over, babbles a lot, and has the cutest toothless smile. Stan and I absolutely adore her and marvel every day that God gave us this amazing little girl to take care of. We’re so blessed.

We will never forget how Dr. Bat Sheva, and Dr. Werner played such a vital role in our journey towards parenthood. We will always be extremely thankful to God for you.

Please send our love to them.

– S & J, NJ –

Dr. Werner and his team did a wonderful job!

Your team, including you, Dr. Werner, have done a fabulous job. You are the best by far that I have met and your system in place is excellent*.

– H, CT, Age 39 –

Most compassionate, friendly doctor.

I have been a patient of Dr. Werner’s for over 21 years and he is the most compassionate, friendly doctor I have ever met.
I look for his advice even outside of his specialty. The same can be said for Nick and all of the staff at Maze.

– A, NY, Age 59 –

Vasectomy Testimonials

I followed instructions to rest the first two days and had NO pain.

“After many conversations with my girlfriend, I decided to take responsibility for our birth control. As a 46 year old divorced medical professional with 4 children and in a long term committed relationship, this was the right decision. I was scared to death to have a vasectomy and in fact I am even afraid of needles for blood work. I made my appointment because I knew that if I didn’t set it up I wouldn’t go through with it.

I was given an appointment within a few days. The office staff was amazing and the surgical coordinator was so helpful with all of my questions. My consult with Dr. Werner could not have been any better. He is so personable and nice, and put my mind at ease promising that he would adjust the medications for me because he could tell how anxious I was.

I then came back a few days later for my pre screening. As I mentioned I am petrified of blood draws. The phlebotomist and medical tech, Ben, drew my blood and I didn’t even feel it. On the day of the procedure I took the medications as prescribed and barely felt or remember a thing. I followed the instructions to rest the first two days and had NO pain! I can honestly say that I would recommend Dr. Werner and his staff to anyone who is ready to have a vasectomy and take on the responsibility of birth control in their relationship.”

– MO, Age 46 –

Dr. Werner and his staff are absolutely the best.

Dr. Werner and his staff are absolutely the best. I have been a patient for 2 years and I actually enjoy my appointments because everyone is so nice and knowledgeable. I had a vasectomy and it was an easy procedure at this office with no pain and a very quick recovery. I have no problem recommending to other men that they get this procedure if they have finished having children.

Maze offers other good quality services, such as counseling, fitness testing, testosterone treatment, and sperm banking.

If you’re hesitant about vasectomy procedures or seeking treatment for male issues, I can say that this office makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Not once did I ever feel awkward. Professional and caring, the way a doctor’s office should be.

– B.R, NY, Age 52 –

I am in disbelief that I was symptom free all weekend.

I’m just writing in to thank you for such a seamless, painless, and gratifying vasectomy experience last Friday. I am in disbelief that I was symptom free all weekend and cannot visually see any evidence of the procedure!  How is this possible???

– R, NYC, Age 48,  –

I felt no pain during or after the procedure!

I went to Maze Men’s Health because I was interested in the needle-less and scalpel-less technique used by Dr. Werner. The staff was great. Very friendly and professional. You felt comfortable and welcome from the moment you stepped inside the office door. Dr. Werner is great. Photos and diagrams were used to thoroughly explain the procedure. And he is an engaging man so you feel he is going to do the best job possible. He treated me as if I were a family friend. The prep for the procedure was quick and the actual operation lasted no more than 20 minutes. During that time Dr. Werner was cracking jokes, we were having a great conversation and the next thing I knew he was finished. I felt no pain during or after the procedure. This is written on day 2 and I have no pain or swelling in the area. I HIGHLY recommend Maze for anyone thinking about a vasectomy or any other services that they provide. Thanks Dr. Werner!!!

– A, CT, Age 52 –

The entire experience was stress-free....and painless.

Before I moved to Westchester, I had decided to undergo a traditional vasectomy but chickened-out at the last minute. Once I moved, I was traveling on the Metro North train and noticed an ad for the no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy at Maze Men’s Health. I immediately called to find out more information.

From the moment I met Dr. Werner, he made me feel completely at ease in what could potentially have been a very high anxiety situation. Although I was worried about the pain, there was absolutely no pain at all!

I couldn’t believe how easy the process was. From the first call through follow-up after the procedure, the entire experience was stress-free. I would definitely recommend Dr. Werner to anyone considering a vasectomy.

– V, NY, Age 43 – 

Dr. Werner and the entire Maze staff was FANTASTIC.

My experience with Dr. Werner and the entire Maze staff was fantastic. From the front desk, to billing, to the clinical staff and right up to Dr. Werner himself, my experience has been excellent. From consultation, pre-op, procedure and post visits everyone has been tremendously professional and great to work with.  Today I’m 1000% healed up and extremely happy I came to see Dr. Werner in the first place.

– M, NY, Age 38 –

Low Testosterone/Andropause Testimonials

Their knowledge and professionalism is by far one of the best I’ve experienced

Excellent. Their knowledge and professionalism is by far one of the best I’ve experienced when it came to getting the correct treatment for TRT. It was absolutely amazing to finally find a medical practice that actually knows about the subject. They are very accommodating when issues or problems have come up and communication was excellent. Highly recommend.

DB, NJ, 49-

Thank you for reviving me.

Where should I start from. Every staff at Maze health are amazing. Y’all are a blessing in this world. Thank you for reviving me literally and you guys did an amazing job to make me feel alive because I was at the edge of giving up. God bless Erica, Erin, the amazing nurse practitioner, the doctor and every staff of maze love you all and I will definitely start preaching about you guys cuz you never know who’s out there struggling. Thank you Thank you!!!!

– R.O, CT, Age 30 –

It truly made the end of my year better by knowing I have such good care from Dr. Werner’s practice

I just wanted to thank Nick and Tyler for spending the time with me that they did.  It truly made the end of my year feel better by knowing I have such good care from Dr. Werner’s practice.  Nick and Tyler really took a whole person approach that I so appreciate; you’re a great team.  Thank you for your patient and caring attitude with me as I was going through yet another difficult time.  Dr. Werner should certainly feel proud of his staff. From the front of the house to the back of the house, you guys are a truly well-oiled machine.  I’m starting to feel more like myself and hope to have a good report for you when I see you next.

-S, NY, Age 53-

Once in a lifetime.

Dr. Werner is truly gifted and he has created a gifted team that will educate and enlighten you, communicate with and update you; and in all ways make you feel like you’ve found your way to the Emerald City.

The results that I personally have experienced have been far greater than I had hoped for and certainly much, much better than that from any of the previous physicians who I had seen. My T levels, overall health, energy, libido, are all greatly improved. Dr. Werner has been able to provide insight and advice that personally helped me in areas I did not expect, which resulted in changes to my medicine which improved my health while reducing risk of heart attack or stroke; changes that my primary care physician had to concur with. That, is excellence. All this, in an office with ambience that you want to take home with you.

Once in a lifetime.

– Brian, NY, Age 43 –

Superstar Doc!

As a bodybuilder taking steroids, I began to experience problems breathing as well as symptoms of depression. Once I decided to no longer take the steroids, I began to gain weight and no matter what I did, just couldn’t lose the fat.

My doctor suspected an issue with low testosterone and referred me to Dr. Werner. After a thorough evaluation, I began a treatment plan that included Testosterone Pellets. My testosterone levels began to increase and I started to feel great again! Dr. Werner has really changed my life.

– R, PA, Age 41 –

Dr. Werner makes things happen.

I had just started a new relationship and after years of having no libido and ED, I knew I needed to do something about it. I went to my primary care doctor who confirmed that my testosterone level was extremely low. He recommended I see a specialist and referred me to Dr. Werner.

At first I was skeptical but I figured I would make the appointment and see if there was anything Dr. Werner could do.

I was surprised to meet with a whole team of professionals during my first appointment…Dr. Werner, an exercise physiologist and sex councilor. They all listened to my concerns and worked together to offer the best options. Dr. Werner and I agreed I would start testosterone injections. Almost immediately, I saw results!

Now I come in every couple of months to have my testosterone checked to make sure the levels remain in the right range. I tell my friends to come see Dr. Werner because if you need help, there’s no reason not to get it!

– F, CT, Age 70 –

If it had not been for Dr. Werner, I know I would still be in that very dark place.

Maze is a team of professionals, who in addition to offering treatment options for conditions pertaining to sexual health and dysfunction, also focus on the overall heath of patients. Maze deserves the highest possible ratings and recommendations. If you are reading this, and are trying to make a decision whether or not to seek treatment, my advice to you would be to call this office and schedule a detailed consultation.

The condition of Low Testosterone sounds very simple, however, I personally know that having Low Testosterone is not so simple. Low Testosterone, and many conditions regarding sexual health, often has multiple symptoms. Unfortunately, there is much stigma attached to many of them. Maze is a uniquely professional group of medical personal, which unlike similar practices still has a caring human touch.

For me, for example, I was a depressed 22 year old; a semi closeted gay man, ensconced in an unsupportive environment. I routinely had horrible experiences with doctors because of bias due to my sexuality. I was hesitant to seek treatment for my condition. I began to feel so low that my condition affected my ability to form relationships; work productively, and even maintain friendships. Two of my friends, also affected with Low Testosterone, noticed how depressed I was and suggested I visit Maze. Since they where an openly gay couple I assumed that Maze had to be fairly progressive. My assumptions were on target about Maze being a gay friendly medical office. By the end of my visit I had a completely new understanding of my diagnosis. More importantly, I came out realizing at long last, how common a condition mine actually is. After this visit I finally had hope and I realized I was not in as dark a place, as I was before my appointment. I have been a patient for a several months, however, now fully diagnosed and under treatment I feel better about myself, I know how to take care of myself, and I am more capable for advocating for myself. If it had not been for Dr. Werner and the staff at Maze, I know I would still be in that very dark place.

– VW, NY, Age 23 –

Life changing experience.

I was having difficulty sleeping, had no energy and a low libido. I knew something was off so I visited my primary care doctor who diagnosed me with low testosterone. However the treatment plan he and another specialist provided did not give me the results I wanted.

A friend then referred me to Dr. Werner. He had a great experience so I figured I would give it a try. I was expecting Dr. Werner to simply prescribe some medication but my initial visit turned out to be so much more! I met with a team of professionals who did a comprehensive evaluation of me. In addition to Dr. Werner, I met with an exercise physiologist and a sexuality educator, which I was not expecting but found extremely helpful.

Now, I feel great, I’ve lost body fat and my relationship with my wife has greatly improved. I couldn’t be happier!

– P, CT, Age 46 –

My whole outlook on life changed.

I had always considered myself a little moody, lacking energy, feeling a bit depressed at times and not having a strong sex drive. I just thought this was normal, part of who I was. My partner had seen an ad for Maze Men’s Health at the gym about low testosterone and thought the symptoms sounded all too familiar…so he asked me if I would consider having my testosterone levels tested.

Almost immediately after beginning treatment, I felt a sense of clarity and focus. My energy levels increased, which motivated me to exercise more and gain muscle. The mood swings stopped and I discovered I actually had a libido!

If you’re having any of these symptoms — low energy, depression, moodiness, low libido — why not get your testosterone levels tested? The changes I experienced were profound. Dr. Werner and his team changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.

– D, NY, Age 49 –

Dr. Werner genuinely cares about the wellbeing and unique needs of each patient.

Dr. Werner and his team provide complete care and follow-up that I have never received with any other doctor. They take the time to talk to you about your problems and what you’re experiencing so they can help address all of your health needs: mental, sexual, physical, nutritional, etc. Assessing all aspects of your health just makes sense!

I first visited Dr. Werner’s website almost 2 years ago after looking for information about low testosterone symptoms. I watched his videos and was impressed. From the first visit, my experience has been positive and all of the staff makes you feel at ease.

My testosterone levels have been regulated and my quality of life has improved dramatically. I come in every 3 months for testing and have found that consistent monitoring is really the key to success.

I’ve never felt more comfortable going to a doctor. I’m treated like an individual, not just a number and actually look forward to coming in to see Dr. Werner…who says that about their doctor??

 R,NY, Age 52 –

Dr. Werner changed my life!

I was suffering from a lack of focus and depression and had been to several other doctors who only looked at my total testosterone levels. I was prescribed treatment but didn’t see any change.

I decided to look for a specialist and found Dr. Werner at Maze Men’s Health. I can’t say enough about the care I received. Dr. Werner and Nick were both very professional and easy to talk to. They explained the importance of not only measuring my total Testosterone but also measuring the other relevant factors that would determine my treatment plan and provide results.

After my first treatment, I experienced more clarity instantly! Within one month’s time, I felt like myself again. Dr. Werner is a true specialist who provides customized treatment. It’s not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. I would strongly recommend Dr. Werner to friends and family.

 A, NYC, Age 42 –

Erectile dysfunction and adropause treatment. My sex life has totally improved.

When I came to see Dr. Werner, it was for a combination of erectile dysfunction and andropause. I had been seeking help for 10 years, trying different solutions, with very little success. I was put on Viagra at one point, which worked great at first, but it had side effects that I wasn’t happy with at all. I started searching on the web for options, and found Dr. Werner.

My first impression of him was how transparent and truthful he is. He consults with you on a very personal basis. He is so consistent with his quality of care, and always looks you in the eye when you speak with him. My treatment was individual to my issues, and Dr. Werner has so many tools to use to help you.

My sex life has totally improved. I had problems, and Dr. Werner was the solution. I recommend him to anyone that is having problems with their sex lives. He is not just “some guy” that will prescribe you a pill and walk away. I am so happy I found him, and my life has changed for the better.

– Jon, NJ, Age 38 –

Erectile Dysfunction Testimonials

Shockwave Therapy for ED

I found myself taking more and more Cialis about three years ago and decided to try Shockwave Therapy. About a month after the first treatment, I was taking much less Cialis and my erections were way better. I no longer had any side effects from the medicine because of the lower dose. I still go back every year or so for a boost and I am extremely happy to have this option. ”

– J, NY, Age 50 –

Erectile Dysfunction after prostate issues.

I came to Dr. Werner after having a prostate issue that caused Erectile Dysfunction. I had it for at least four years, and was given Viagra, which just wasn’t doing it for me. I wanted my mojo back! I found Dr. Werner on the internet, and came in to see him. That was the best decision I ever made.

My first appointment was surprising; it was really great. It was such a pleasant experience, and seeing Dr. Werner continued to be pleasant. It’s better than any other practice.* Now, sex is very enjoyable again – my anxiety is gone, and my youth and vigor are back. Dr. Werner resolved my issues quickly, and I didn’t have to keep trying to explain what was going on with me, because he had already figured it out.

It’s ok to take care of yourself. You become a better human when you take care of your own issues.

– W, NY, Age 61 –

Erectile Dysfunction isn't "all in your head."

Around 20 years ago, I experienced an abrupt drop off in my sexual ability. I had a brief illness on antibiotics and thought that was the cause. After my recovery things got a little better but not enough. I thought that maybe I’d injured myself in the gym, perhaps on the stationary bike.

Through the following years I went to three or four urologists but unfortunately these were the “Dark Ages.” By that I mean if your hormone levels were ok and you had a pulse in your leg it was “all in your head.” They were more interested in how you peed and putting probes up you. Just too clinical: no help. I tried the pills with little success but I wasn’t happy at all.

Last year I did an internet search and came across Dr. Werner’s name. After a little hemming and hawing, I decided to call for prices for the testing as my insurance did not cover. I was particularly interested in the ultrasound testing, so I made the appointment.

Dr. Werner was totally upbeat guy, and easy to talk to. He explained what we were going to do. What impressed me was he said, in effect, “We’re going to fix this.”*

We started the test program, which consisted of thorough blood work, nocturnal monitoring and ultrasound blood flow monitoring. The nocturnal test was a bit uncomfortable but it showed I had less than normal intensity in my erections during sleep. Now came the ultrasound. This was a bit scary, consisting of an injection in the side of the penis. I thought it was really going to hurt! Dr. Werner said it would feel like a rubber band snap.

That was it, absolutely no pain at all!!!* The test showed a decrease in blood flow and I thought: now we’re getting somewhere, it’s not all in my head!

Dr. Werner recommended a treatment using a painless injection technique where the needle is hidden (which was good since I’m afraid of needles) and where you can actually go through a few dry runs.* Finally I pressed the button on my own – no pain at all!!!* The side effects are minor (you may experience an erection of more than an hour, but it does subside)*.

Within a period of about three weeks, things were getting back to normal and my confidence was up*.

You do have to follow a specific protocol which takes a little of the spontaneity away.

The most important lesson is that you do not have to suffer with this if you deal with a specialist in the field, NOT strictly a Urologist, but someone who’s trained and practiced for years in this area. Dr. Werner was that specialist for me.

– RG, MA, 49 –

I felt like I was 20 years old again.

When I first came to Dr. Werner, I was having trouble with erections and used Viagra which worked poorly. I would get an erection, but the erection would not last very long. I then used Levitra, but the same thing happened and some psychological stuff was going on too, where I would think about it, whether I was going to get an erection or think about how long I was going to stay erect, and that had an effect on how long I could keep an erection. The more concentration it took, the less I was able to perform without just enjoying it.

I was hesitant to go to a doctor and deal with this, but I eventually went through with it and called Dr. Werner. He was not surprised — like he hears this all the time — and he explained how injections worked, and he helped me understand how to use it on my own. As soon as I started using the injector, all problems went away*. The erection lasts for an hour or two and I have not had this much function since I was 20 years old. The treatment has been successful for me, and Dr. Werner’s manner made it easier to seek help than I thought it would be.

– L, NY, 50 –

Low Libido Testimonials

Suffered from low libido for over four years. Dr Werner works miracles!!!

By the time I found Dr. Werner I had been having symptoms for over four years. I had no energy, was tired all the time, no sex drive and could not get an erection. On top of that, I was overweight and could not take the weight off. I had never even talked to another doctor about my problems because I just figured that this was just how my life was going to continue.

One day, I was reading the newspaper and I came across and ad for the Andropause Center — it described all of my symptoms! I called the number, and made an appointment to come in. I was excited to call, since I thought that maybe I could finally feel better.

The first appointment was, at first, a little embarrassing for me. I was asked a lot of questions, and was given a very full physical, but once I saw that they were so careful and thorough, I got over my embarrassment really quickly. Once Dr. Werner and his team had all of my tests back, they started me on a medication immediately. Dr. Werner quickly switched me to another medication when he saw my results were not as good as they could be, and now I am on the perfect medication! Not only did they find out what was wrong with me, but they continued to work with me until I was really feeling great. It’s been eight months now, and I have all of my energy, a great sex life, and I have lost 20 pounds!!!

My advice to anyone out there that is having problems is to ask questions immediately — you don’t have to live that way. Get help. And come see Dr. Werner — he works miracles!!!!*

– CC, CT, age 52 –

I feel 10 years younger and am finally interested in sex again.

I feel that the treatment has been life changing. I am interested in sex and having sex again with my wife. I literally feel 10 years younger.* I am stronger and working out more. My old man droopy body is disappearing.

Thanks so much!

– R, PA, Age 54–

Infertility Testimonials

A million thanks are only the tip of the iceberg.

I want to say a special thank you to you and the team. Chaya, both you and Dr. Werner were so patient with my husband.

We started our journey in the fall of 2018  and you guys have been there all the way. He gave up on having children since he was over 50, but the team was always giving me hope. Even when we received zero sperm from a regular donation. Dr. Werner found another way for us to use the extended sperm search method and found the best of the best. Now we are here holding our precious gift. Here is our munchkin… 4.2.2023.



The clinic acts as a well oiled machine...

Everyone is so generous with their time and very compassionate and informative. Dr. Werner must have high expectations for his staff because not a single person has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. They are organized in scheduling, following up with results in a timely manner, and submitting refills. Honestly, I can’t think of any areas where they are deficient. They are all a class act.

-A, NY-

Dr. Werner was the best doctor I have visited, ever. Hands down...

I was very nervous about my appointment since we were trying to understand the causes of my male infertility and figure out a way for my wife and I to get pregnant. He put me at ease right away. No matter how embarrassing the topic or the examinations, he made me feel comfortable and always made me feel like I was his number one priority. He frequently called me directly to follow up and always explained everything in an easy to understand manner. He was terrific. So good that I still see him to treat my low testosterone and drive over an hour each way for the appointments.

-A, NY-

We were at the end of the road before we came to Maze...

We have been trying to conceive for over ten years now and honestly we were close to the end of the road before we came to Maze. I have done sperm analysis’s over fifteen times in four different countries. All with the same disappointing result; azoospermia. After every test I took I would wish for at least one sperm to be found just as a sign of hope but I was always told there is nothing. I have been to the top urologist in this country and their only solution would be a surgery. My wife and I were against the surgery unless we have exhausted all other options.

I say faith brought us to you. I did the test in the morning in Manhattan and was expecting a call the next day or two as usual with the usual disappointing news of azoospermia. I remember getting a call later that evening from a New York number and did not even think it was you. I answered that call that changed our life for the better. I remember you telling me that, “I have good news for you we were able to freeze over 40 sperm.” and I could not believe my ears. I remember asking you if you’re sure you called the right person!!! It was the greatest news I had ever received in my life to say the least. I did a few more tests with positive results to ensure we have enough just as a safety net even though you told me it’s enough to conceive.

I’m glad to announce that this year we had a beautiful baby boy after a few failed IVF procedures who is the center of our lives now. I ultimately hope that you are able reach as many people as possible with your innovative techniques and dedication to your skills. Your emotional support was beyond what we expected and much appreciated. This is only a fraction of our gratitude for you and your facility for everything you have done for my family.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…

FK, NY, Age 37

I can’t stress enough how wonderful and positive Dr. Werner has been.

My wife and I have been going through fertility issues due to a medical procedure conducted on me at a young age. We had been going through several years of disappointments and possible alternative means to obtain a positive pregnancy test. With the kind help of Dr. Werner and Dr. Keltz a procedure was conducted on me which allowed us to produce a positive specimen. We are currently waiting for our results but I can’t stress enough how wonderful and positive Dr. Werner has been. He is informative, patient, with a great sense of humor. He truly made this such a wonderful experience, I would recommend him to anyone. His intellect is in a class of his own and his ability to relate to his patient really made this such a wonderful experience. I would like to formally thank Dr. Werner for all he has done for us. My wife and I wish he reached out to all practices because his professionalism and know how of his area of expertise is one in a million. Thank you for taking the time to read this as it’s truly well deserved. #Wifecosignedthis

– O, NY, Age 35–

My wife and I are currently 16 weeks pregnant....

“I just wanted to check in and let you know that thanks to you, my wife and I are currently 16 weeks pregnant with a healthy, growing baby boy.…I just wanted to personally thank you for your research and your efforts. We are so grateful. Thank you again!”

P, NJ, Age 37

The family we always dreamed of...

When we first came to see Dr. Werner a couple of years ago, we were worried and anxious and frustrated — unsure if we’d be able to have the family that we had dreamed of.

Now Charlotte is a very warm & loving two-year old, and Ellie is now just learning to smile back at us at two months old.

Thank you, Dr. Werner, for your welcoming office, your encouraging words, and everything you have done to help us be the family that we knew we could be.

– C & C, NY –

ESSM Test finds sperm in azoospermic patient, yielding 7 healthy embryos.

“I was told I was azoospermic after going to several well-known fertility centers in the tri-state area. I then came to Maze Laboratories for a standard semen analysis, which also showed zero sperm count. However, after having Maze’s ESSM lab test, 42 sperm were recovered and safely stored. In collaboration with the IVF lab, my wife and I are happy to say that 7 healthy embryos were developed!”

J, PA, Age 37

Our beautiful daughter makes our family complete.

Thank you Dr. Werner for the important role you played in bringing this joyful, curious, loving little person into the world! Your support, advice and encouragement was critical to our journey — we are so grateful and we couldn’t have made it through all those tough years without you. Without a doubt, it was worth it. Our beautiful Emelia makes our family complete!

– C & C –

Dr. Werner made our dreams come true.

It’s hard to believe almost 15 years have passed since we first met Dr. Werner. Our beautiful miracle is now 14 years old and has started high school.

Thank you again for making our dream come true! You will never be forgotten and are always in our prayers!

– M & J , CT –

Kids after a Vasectomy. The results speak highly for Dr. Werner — My wife and I are expecting twins!

In the Fall of 2009, my wife and I wanted very much to have a child together. This being my second marriage 18 years after my divorce, I was ready to encounter this. I was referred to Dr. Werner through a close friend and met him for a consultation.

The problem was that I had a vasectomy in 1999, and I knew there were few options. Dr. Werner told me of three which all seemed too extreme and I began to re-consider. After all, the thought of cutting into my testicles to withdraw sperm was frightening and I was very nervous.

However the comfort level and attention that Dr. Werner gave to my situation gave new life to what I was previously told (by a prior physician) was a near impossible resolution.

I can boldly state that Dr. Werner and his team were so amazing during this procedure and it was with minimal pain (which was only for about 8 hours) after the procedure*. In fact I am so satisfied that Dr. Werner recommended this procedure and basically erased all of the fears I had in having this procedure done.

I would highly recommend this procedure for any man considering fatherhood after a vasectomy. Dr. Werner and his staff are professional, courteous, and very sensitive to each personal situation.

The results speak highly for Dr. Werner — My wife and I are expecting twins in November 2010.

Many thanks again Dr. Werner!

– JB, NY –

Premature Ejaculation Testimonials

Sex is no longer stressful!

I had been suffering from PE for many years and had become so frustrated and depressed about sex. Finally, I decided I needed to seek treatment. I was referred to Dr. Werner by my doctor and after my first appointment, I was prescribed a regimen of medication and cream.

The treatment plan worked! Dr. Werner and the Maze team have helped me gain back my confidence and reduce my anxiety. They’ve changed my life. I would highly recommend Maze to anyone experiencing PE.

– G, NJ, Age 37 –

Exercise Physiology Testimonials

Maze provided me with information to help achieve my goals.

The experience at Maze provided an excellent baseline on my current fitness, a deeper understanding of the physiological aspects of exercise, and a beneficial formation of a plan to achieve my goals.

In a professional environment, I felt very comfortable from the outset.  The physiologist patiently explained each test, its purpose, and the significance of the results.  Beyond simple ‘numbers’, I gained better insight into their meaning and impact on my health.  I look forward to returning to Maze, and would recommend them to both exercise enthusiasts as well as serious athletes.

– Jason R, NY, Age 35 –

I now know the heart rate zones I should be training in….No more guess work!

I was interested in Maze Exercise Physiology Lab because I wanted to find out how my general health was, but more importantly I wanted to know my exact VO2 max number to train via a heart rate monitor for better race day performance.

This was my first testing program of this nature. My first reaction to Mike was a lasting impression — friendly, professional, informative and genuinely interested in the metrics he was sharing with me. The testing helped me to understand more about my training program, and I now know the heart rate zones I should be training in. I’ve taken the guess work out and put real information in!

Since my testing, I’ve become more diligent about training in various heart rate zones depending on my goal for that workout, whether a temp run, intervals or an easy run. I not only gauge the workout via perceived exertion, but I back it up with the heart rate zones determined by my testing program with Michael.

My training program feels fresh and new — I have a new focus on what numbers to hit after years of the same type of training. The most important thing I learned was my resting metabolic rate! Instead of using a generic internet calculator, I now know definitively the calorie intake I require each day and can adjust it.

In order to train efficiently we each need to know and listen to our bodies better. This is just one step further in that ideology: to know and understand the numbers Michael provided which takes the guess work and assumptions out of my training regimen.

– D, NY, Age 38–

Peyronie’s Disease Testimonials

I can't recommend him highly enough.

I contacted Dr. Werner regarding Peyronie’s disease treatment and he has provided truly exceptional care. Many doctors approach men’s health problems mechanically, but Dr. Werner tries to understand the patient’s entire situation in order to provide the best possible treatment. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

– A, CT, Age 36–

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