Dr. Werner   

Michael A. Werner, MD, FACS

Michael A. Werner, M.D., FACS is a board-certified urologist who received his specialized fellowship training in male infertility and surgery and male sexual dysfunction at Boston University Medical Center. He lectures and writes extensively on these topics in medical journals and books.

Dr. Werner completed his Urology residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan and received his medical school training at the University of California at San Francisco. He holds an undergraduate degree in Biology from Harvard College. Dr. Werner’s private practice is limited to male infertility and male sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Werner believes that you need to have a complete understanding of the medical options available to you. Together, you will decide on the course of treatment that makes the most medical and personal sense for you.

Full Curriculum Vitae

Nick Cannone

Nick Cannone, FNP, Associate Medical Director

Nick Cannone is an ANCC certified nurse practitioner who has worked with Dr. Werner since 2011. Nick received his nursing degree from Binghamton University and worked as a nurse at Mount Sinai Medical Center before going back to school to get his Master’s degree as a family nurse practitioner from Pace University.

Nick started as a primary care provider with expertise in HIV care where he worked for 12 years before joining Dr. Werner. As a primary care provider he became knowledgeable in many different medical conditions including diabetes, hypertension and lipid disorders. Since joining Dr. Werner, Nick has become interested in male sexual dysfunction and its relation to common medical problems. Nick is also involved in research where he acts as sub-investigator and research clinician. Nick obtained his experience in research while working at ACRIA, a not for profit community based research center.

Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson, LMHC, Sex Therapist

Paul Nelson has been in education for over 20 years. He received his MS in counseling and is AASECT certified. Paul moved into sex education when, as a prostate cancer survivor, he discovered there was almost no information for men with ED that was not a commercial. In 2008 he launched FrankTalk.org, which quickly became the largest online community for erectile dysfunction. The Journey of Medicine has published an analysis of the FrankTalk Online Discussion Board Regarding Penile Implants. Eventually a group of men formed the Erectile Dysfunction Foundation. Paul serves as its president.

Paul has been featured on ABC News, the BBC, and the New York Times and is a speaker at men’s groups across the country. His work appears in the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, The Connecticut Magazine as well as blogs for Betty Dodson. He is a contributing author for Men’s Health Network and is currently producing ManAcademy.org, a comprehensive online education program for men’s reproductive health. Paul is also a Peer Review Panelist on Cancer Research for the Department of Defense.

Cruise Dittus, MA

Cruise Dittus is the newest addition to the team at Maze Men’s Health. Cruise received a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from SUNY Cortland and has experience working with clients at several fitness centers as a personal trainer. Cruise also received post-baccalaureate education at SUNY Purchase, with aims to move into the clinical side of the healthcare field. As a Medical Assistant at Maze, he has found that many of the same principles of personal training carry over into the clinical setting. He believes that education and information are integral to achieving excellent healthcare results, as they are to excellent fitness results. He places a strong focus on patient education, to ensure that each patient we see feels informed about their medications, their options, and the reasoning and research behind our treatments and methods.

As a Medical Assistant, Cruise works with Dr. Werner, Nick, our Lab Technicians, and Front Desk Staff to make sure that the many moving parts of Maze Men’s Health are guided into place. Reviewing patient forms, filling medications, addressing patient’s concerns, teaching proper injection technique, phlebotomy, and scribe work are a sample of the details Cruise oversees. In addition, Cruise is the primary administrator of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy at Maze Men’s Health.

Matthew Phillips, LCSW, MED

Matthew is a licensed clinical social worker and sex therapist who empowers patients to grow and change in response to depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship challenges. Matthew has spent over fifteen years working as a therapist and manager in hospital and non-profit residential child welfare settings. Throughout this time, issues related to sexuality were always on the edge of his work and far too often were neglected by other treatment providers. Matthew now brings sexuality to the center by providing therapy that emphasizes sexual identity and functioning as critical components of a balanced life.

Matthew completed a bachelor’s degree in music therapy at Elizabethtown College and a masters’ degrees in social work and human sexuality at Widener University. He is presently a PhD student in the Center for Human Sexuality Studies and adjunct faculty in the Center for Social Work Education, both at Widener University. Matthew approaches therapy from a person-centered and integrative lens, rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy. He practices from a social justice perspective and actively affirms the unique identities of diverse people.

Denise Groothuis, MS, RD, Nutritionist 

Denise graduated Cornell University in 1994 and received an MS in Applied Physiology and Nutrition from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2000. She was also certified as a functional medicine practitioner in 2018. She believes in an individual, integrative, client-based approach to weight loss, health, and wellness.

Denise has been practicing in the nutrition field since 2000 and has worked in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals and nursing homes to private practice. Currently at Maze Men’s Health, she helps clients with weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and digestive issues.

After an injury and long recovery, Denise became interested in personal training, and decided to become certified in order to help better educate others about being fit and functional. The combination of diet and exercise enables her to have a greater impact on the health and wellness of clients. Denise believes that optimal health and well-being cannot be achieved without combining nutrition and exercise together.

Jacqueline Giannelli, FNP-BC

Jackie Giannelli is an ANCC board certified nurse practitioner who has worked in the fields of urology, women’s health, and sexual health since 2015.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in nursing from New York University and a Master’s degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from San Francisco State University.

Jackie has expertise in both the inpatient and outpatient clinical settings, with a long history of surgical nursing experience.  In men’s health, she is skilled in treating sexual dysfunction, urologic cancers, and other general male urologic issues.  She takes an integrative and holistic approach to patient care, and excels in patient communication, problem solving and healthcare innovation.  In women’s health, she is skilled in treating pelvic floor dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, complicated urinary tract infections, and general urologic and gynecologic issues.  She is an active member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health (ISSWSH) and the Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates.  

Chaya Rothschild, Andrologist, Project Manager

Extended Sperm Search & Microfreeze

Chaya Rothschild holds a certification in both Andrology and Embryology Laboratory Sciences through the American Association of Bioanalysts Board of Registry. 

Her prior experience includes work at a fertility laboratory performing IVF and other procedures related to Assisted Reproduction. Her time there has shown her that male infertility is a factor that is largely underestimated as contributing to the success or failure of assisted reproductive treatment. Her skills and experience in the micromanipulation of reproductive cells make her a valuable asset to the new Extended Sperm Search Program at Maze Men’s Health.

Chaya has almost 10 years of experience with direct patient care, beginning with her time spent as a volunteer EMT in her hometown. She has found that the ART laboratory scientist is a unique blend of laboratory technician and clinician, with patient-centered care being fundamental to her approach.