Quizzes & Assessments

Low Testosterone Assessment: Check Your symptoms

Are you experiencing low libido, ED, brain fog, loss a muscle mass? It could be Low T. Take the Quiz.

Vasectomy Quiz: Find out if it's right for you

If you’re thinking about getting a vasectomy, there are several factors you may want to consider. Take the Quiz.

Erectile Dysfunction Assessment

ED is extremely common, with 40% of men experiencing ED by age 40. Take the ED Assessment to find out the best treatment option for you.

Men's Health Guides

Sex Therapy Guide: Why Consider it?

Sex Therapy can improve intimacy for couples & individuals. This guide will explain why someone should consider Sex Therapy & how to find a therapist. Download It Here.

Bottoming 101 Guide: Tips & Dilation Methods


Learning how to bottom should be a fun way to expand your sexual repertoire and engage your partner in a new way sexually. Completing a dilator course will take patience and self-love, but it will be worth it.

Download it Here.

Peyronie's Disease Guide

Have a curve? Peyronie’s Disease effects up to 9% of men. Since there are a number of treatment options available, it’s important to visit a specialist in order to find the best treatment for you. Download our Free Guide here.

Top 5 Myths Men Still Believe

At Maze, it’s our mission to dispel the myths so you can have a healthier and more realistic understanding about your sex life. Some of them may come as a surprise  Download our Free Guide Here.


Top Recommended Products

Spice things up the bedroom with our favorite products! Get the List here

How-To Videos

Our “how-to” video series covers a range of topics, including Penile Injections, Testosterone, HCG and RigiScan. Watch them here! 

Bottoming 101

This guide is meant to help you achieve the goal of safe and enjoyable bottoming. Click Here.

Last updated: August 2022