the maze difference

The patient experience at Maze is very different from what you’ll experience with other physicians. At your first appointment, you’ll meet with several members of the team including a sexual education counselor/therapist, a nurse practitioner, and Dr. Michael Werner, a board certified, fellowship-trained urologist and founder of Maze Health.

Our comprehensive approach will entail a thorough review of your medical and sexual history, as well as your unique personal situation and priorities. Then, together, we will assess your treatment options and develop a plan for moving forward.


Your first appointment at Maze will consist of two parts, one via tele-health and the other in-person. When you schedule your initial appointment, you will be sent a number of questionnaires regarding many aspects of your health. We will be reviewing these with you at the time of your appointment. The information that you provide is a vital part of creating a comprehensive picture of you medically, psychologically, and sexually.

We will ask you information about your:

  • Medical History
  • Sleep
  • Levels of Anxiety & Depression
  • Symptoms of Low Testosterone
  • Erection Quality
  • Ejaculatory Patterns
  • Urination

telehealth call

Prior to your first visit in our offices, you will have a telehealth call with our therapist, who will take an in-depth personal and sexual history. This is vital to understanding you thoroughly, which of course has a significant impact on your treatment.

In-Person Office Visit

Your first appointment will last between 60 and 90 minutes, and will include the following:

Medical History

You and the practitioner will review your completed questionnaires and discuss any additional questions to complete a comprehensive picture of you.

A key part of this discussion is to determine your goals from treatment, and make sure we are addressing them. We will also ask you about your sexual partner’s function. If your partner is a woman and is experiencing sexual issues, our on-site women’s center (Maze Women’s Sexual Health) may be able to help. If your partner is a man, then of course he may benefit from our help as well. We enjoy providing care to both members of a couple because of the synergy that naturally comes from helping both.

Physical Examination

Your practitioner will perform a focused physical examination.

Blood Work

We will be drawing blood at your first appointment. We will conduct hormone testing as well as other blood tests that can affect your overall health.

Specialized Testing

During your first visit your practitioner may, if indicated, do a simple and painless test to measure your threshold for perceiving vibration of your penis (biothesiometry).

He may also recommend further specialized testing to assess the function of your penis. This may include:

  • A Rigi-scan to measure the quantity and quality of your nighttime erections. (This involves a simple machine that you take home with you).
  • An ultrasound to measure the blood flow through the penis

Synthesis and Planning

Once our team has completed your evaluation, we will review treatment options with you. Together, we will consider your options in light of the history, physical, and specialized testing that has been performed, and of course what preferences you have stated.

Patients are routinely astounded by the thoroughness, warmth, and clinical expertise they experience during their initial evaluation, starting with that first visit. Many, if not most, patients feel they have never had this experience at a doctor’s office before. Often, our patients come to us after failing to receive the help and care they need from other practitioners.

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Here are some accolades we’ve received recently from our patients:

"Going to a Doctor is always stressful. How is the front desk staff going to greet me? Is the doctor going to be authoritarian? Everyone made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Your office should teach other medical practices how they should be run. Excellent care!!!"

"Dr Werner & Nick treat me as an individual, not just another patient. They listen to me and respect my views. We all work together as a team in reaching my goals. Job well done, bravo!!"

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  • Thank you so much for a wonderful first experience! It was so reassuring to know that I am not alone in the journey for better outcomes and I appreciate all of your guidance and advice!
    The entire experience was excellent. The last urologist I saw brushed me off and didn’t listen to anything I had to say. This office treated me earnestly and made me feel incredibly cared for. I look forward to returning.
  • The practitioners listened patiently while I talked about what I struggled with, never passed any judgment, and put me at ease. I left the appointment feeling hopeful and heard. The medical staff were attentive and seemed to genuinely care about my situation. Sometimes doctors don’t actively listen but the team at Maze does.
  • So far so good! I had my first appointment yesterday and was very impressed with the whole practice. Obviously, a good culture since everyone is so friendly and helpful. Looking forward to continuing my treatment.

Last updated: April 2023