Sex Education: Critical For A Better Sex Life

Patient education is at the heart of all we do. Whether it's medication, a procedure, behavior modification, or therapy, you will become a partner in your treatment as you learn about your body and your specific condition. We will take the time to teach you the medical facts and give you the information you need to make treatment decisions.

When it comes to Human Sexuality, this is even more important!

It is fairly safe to say that most men received very little sexuality education growing up. Much of what most men learned about sex came from friends, pornography, and trial and error. Needless to say, these are not the most reliable authorities!

All of our patients receive credible, authentic sexuality education. Most men sit down with a Clinical Sexuality Educator and have a chance to go over their sexual history and current situation to see where education and information can help. Very often, we find related conditions or issues which may be contributing to a patient’s condition without him ever realizing it.

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Identifying The Cause

Very often, we can find solutions to working around a specific issue while it is being addressed medically. Instead of waiting for full medical treatment to take effect, we will help restore your intimacy by learning new techniques, activities, and expressions of sexuality.

All too often when it comes to sexual issues, men are told that it’s all in their head. This message can be very cruel and often causes problems in itself. Sexual issues are always a medical condition. Sometimes a sexual condition may be a symptom of stress or anxiety, but just like a stress related ulcer or a migraine, it is still a medical issue. There are medical treatments for every condition.

We work to educate men about the medical cause of their sexual problems. By talking to the patient and through careful investigation, we can often discover complicating factors as well as several underlying issues which can hamper recovery.

Understanding Symptoms

Almost every medical condition has more than one symptom. Through education, a man can learn to recognize symptoms and changes in symptoms which will help determine his treatment. A patient’s participation in being aware of progress and recognizing changes enables him to become a full partner in his sexual healthcare treatment.

Men can learn to anticipate certain symptoms in certain situations and avoid them. Other symptoms might need a more creative approach to compensate for challenges. While your medical treatment is unfolding, rest assured that you will be taught and equipped to regain and maintain a rewarding intimate life.


Part of our evaluation of every patient is a full sexual history. Most men find this process interesting. Total confidentiality is assured as we seek to find patterns of symptoms, behavior, and activity. Each man has a very complicated, often confusing, sexual story.

During this time, we determine exactly what goals the patient has in seeking treatment. What kind of sex life does he want? With whom does he want to have sex? What is his sexual style – mild or wild? Men find they are fully supported as they learn to integrate medical treatment, behavior modification, and sexuality education into their sex lives.


Diagnosing a medical condition is often a complicated process. Patients often see one symptom of a condition and seek medical help based on that. Education and discussion often reveal symptoms of a more comprehensive problem a man had never noticed or did not realize were part of a larger issue. Each discussion, interview, and history helps Dr. Werner to see the full picture of every patient’s situation.


Included in most medical treatments are therapies which might require a change in some behaviors. This might include exploring non-intercourse sexual activities. It might include improving body awareness. It might even include a change in sexual expression. The vast majority of men enjoy the new level of intimacy which these changes usually bring.

Each patient’s religious, cultural, and personal mores are honored in this process. The patient remains fully in control of this aspect of treatment. We will offer various ideas and skills – the patient can choose which ones to implement.

Implementing Change

Ultimately, sexuality education means learning about your body, about your sexual expression, and about communicating wants and desires with a partner. With a new skill-set of techniques, a  new way to approach challenges, and a solid educational foundation, our patients are equipped to keep their intimate lives growing and improving for a lifetime.

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Last updated: April 2022