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We’re now open on a limited basis for in-office visits, as well as continuing to offer virtual telehealth appointments.

To ensure the highest level of safety for our patients and staff, we’ve implemented a number of measures:

We’re looking forward to providing the best care for you, in a way that is most comfortable for you.

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Meet The Team at Maze Men's Health

The team at Maze Men’s Health believes that if you have a penis, we can get you an erection. We’re experts at treating ED because we understand that varying causes require customized treatment. Whether that treatment includes medications, penile injections, shockwave therapy or some combination, we’re confident we can help you regain your sex life.


New Infertility Procedure Finds Sperm in 44% of Azoospermic Men

I am very proud to introduce a new laboratory procedure for male infertility patients called Extended Sperm Search & Microfreeze, or ESSM. We’ve acquired this…

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Success after Microfreeze!

Our Extended Sperm Search and Microfreeze program, also known as ESSM, saw our first patients in November 2019. This program was designed to: Detect sperm…

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Breaking the Cycle: It’s Never Too Late

It’s very rare that we see patients who come in with only one symptom. What we often find is a pattern of related symptoms, which…

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – Who Gets it?

We have all felt “Why me?” at some point in our lives. When it comes to Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS), this is a very…

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Penile Injections for ED

When people think of treatment options for erectile dysfunction, the first thing that comes to mind is typically oral medications, such as Viagra or Cialis.…

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Vasectomy and Sex – What to expect

For many couples, having a reliable and permanent method of birth control equates to peace of mind. Many women are unable to take hormones for…

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  • “Your team, including you, Dr. Werner, have done a fabulous job. You are the best by far that I have met and your system in place is excellent.*”


  • “My advice to anyone out there that is having problems is to ask questions immediately – you don't have to live that way. Get help. And come see Dr. Werner – he works miracles!!!!*”

    CC, age 52

  • “We will never forget how you, Batsheva, and Dr. Werner played such a vital role in our journey towards parenthood. We will always be extremely thankful to God for you.*”

    S & J

  • “I feel that the treatment has been life changing. I am interested in sex and having sex again with my wife. I literally feel 10 years younger.*”


  • “Dr. Werner combines thoroughness with panache. I feel like his care is totally comprehensive and I feel total confidence that no details will be missed.*”


  • “I have not had this much function since I was 20 years old. The treatment has been successful for me, and Dr. Werner's manner made it easier to seek help than I thought it would be.*”


  • “The comfort level and attention that Dr. Werner gave to my situation gave new life to what I was previously told (by a prior physician) was a near impossible resolution.*”


  • “The most important lesson is that you don't have to suffer with this if you deal with a specialist in the field, NOT strictly a Urologist, but someone who's trained and practiced for years in this area. Dr. Werner was that specialist for me.*”


  • “I was very impressed with the caring and knowledge [Dr. Werner] possesses. He really went out of his way to find out everything that was a piece of my issues.*”

    A, age 47

  • “My sex life has totally improved. I had problems, and Dr. Werner was the solution. I recommend him to anyone that is having problems with their sex lives. He is not just "some guy" that will prescribe you a pill and walk away.*”