Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone-Replacement Therapy

In men with hypogonadism and preexisting or a high risk of cardiovascular disease, testosterone-replacement therapy was non-inferior to placebo with respect to the incidence of major adverse cardiac events.

A.M. Lincoff, S. Bhasin, P. Flevaris, L.M. Mitchell, S. Basaria, W.E. Boden, G.R. Cunningham, C.B. Granger,
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for the TRAVERSE Study Investigators; July 13, 2023

What Is a Normal Testosterone Level for Young Men?
Rethinking the 300 ng/dL cutoff for testosterone deficiency in men 20-44 Years Old.

Testosterone reference ranges for older men are long established in the urological literature. However, few studies have examined testosterone levels in young men. As a result, clinicians have struggled to counsel and evaluate young men presenting with concerns about testosterone deficiency.

Alex Zhu, Juan Andino, Stephanie Daignault-Newton, et al.; December 2022


Association of Testosterone Replacement With Cardiovascular Outcomes Among Men With Androgen Deficiency

A study conducted in 2017 examined the safety of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) following reports of an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular events.

T. Craig Cheetham, PharmD, MS; JaeJin An, BPharm, PhD; Steven J. Jacobsen, MD, PhD; Fang Niu, MS;
Stephen Sidney, MD, MPH; Charles P. Quesenberry, PhD; Stephen K. VanDenEeden, PhD; February 21, 1017

In A Patient's Own Words

When I came to see Dr. Werner, it was for a combination of erectile dysfunction and Low T symptoms. I had been seeking help for 10 years, trying different solutions, with very little success. I was put on Viagra at one point, which worked great at first, but it had side effects that I wasn’t happy with at all. I started searching online for other options, and found Dr. Werner and Maze Men's Health.

My first impression of Dr. Werner was how transparent and truthful he is. He consults with you on a very personal basis. He is so consistent with his quality of care, and always looks you in the eye when you speak with him. My treatment was customized to my needs, and I really appreciated the fact that Dr. Werner had so many tools to use to help me.

My sex life has dramatically improved! I had problems, and Dr. Werner was the solution. I recommend him to anyone who is having issues with their sex life. He is not just “some guy” that will prescribe you a pill and walk away. I am so happy I found him, and my life has changed for the better.

– Jon –

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