Live Streaming – Tune In!

Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus, Clinical Director at Maze Women’s Health, will be live streaming weekly to talk about all areas of sex! Whether it be sexual dysfunction or how to add spice back to your bedroom, she’s ready to answer your questions. Along the way, she will be joined by various colleagues from the Maze Women’s Health and Maze Men’s Health teams, as well as other experts, each bringing a new point of view regarding your relationships and sex life. 

Check this page regularly for an updated schedule, as well as links to any live streams you may have missed. 


Instagram: Watch live @drbatsheva
Facebook: Watch previous streams @drbatsheva or view below. 


Tuesday, 5/12/20, 8:30pm EST – Instagram 
Topic: Vaginismus Part I with Jackie Giannelli, Assistant Medical Director, Maze Women’s Health

Tuesday, 5/19/20, 8:30pm EST – Instagram 
Topic: Resources for Relationships with Helen Leff, LCSW, Sexuality Counselor, Psychotherapist 

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