Why Maze is the right place for you:

Our team of Men’s Health providers are inclusive and understand the health risks associated with being a gay or bisexual man. Michael Werner, MD is a board-certified, fellowship trained urologist who founded Maze Men's Health in 1994. He and his team of medical professionals and therapists are experts in treating the whole man, using both standard and innovative testing and procedures.

Some health issues and psychological stressors occur more often in gay/bisexual men than in straight men. We have designed and staffed our services specifically to address your unique risks and needs.

You may have struggled with coming out to your medical provider or therapist in the past, but you don’t need to worry about coming out to us. Men of all sexual orientations, behaviors, and relationship models will receive respectful, professional care from our knowledgeable clinicians.

In a Patient's Own Words

Maze is a team of professionals who in addition to offering treatment options for conditions pertaining to sexual health and dysfunction, also focus on the overall heath of patients. Maze deserves the highest possible ratings and recommendations. I was a depressed 22 year old and a semi-closeted gay man, ensconced in an unsupportive environment. I routinely had horrible experiences with doctors…

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Maze is a team of professionals who in addition to offering treatment options for conditions pertaining to sexual health and dysfunction, also focus on the overall heath of patients. Maze deserves the highest possible ratings and recommendations. I was a depressed 22 year old and a semi-closeted gay man, ensconced in an unsupportive environment. I routinely had horrible experiences with doctors because of bias due to my sexuality, and was hesitant to seek treatment for my Low T. I began to feel so low that my condition affected my ability to form relationships, work productively, and even maintain friendships. Two of my friends, also affected with Low T, noticed how depressed I was and suggested I visit Maze. Since they were an openly gay couple, I assumed that Maze had to be fairly progressive. My assumptions were on target about Maze being a gay-friendly medical office. By the end of my visit, I had a completely new understanding of my diagnosis. More importantly, I realized how common my condition actually is. Now  that I’m fully diagnosed and under treatment, I feel better about myself, I know how to take care of myself, and I am more capable of advocating for myself. If it had not been for Dr. Werner and the staff at Maze, I know I would still be in that very dark place.

— VW, 23

I had always considered myself a little moody, lacking energy, feeling a bit depressed at times and not having a strong sex drive. I just thought this was normal, part of who I was. My partner had seen an ad for Maze Men’s Health at the gym about low testosterone and thought the symptoms sounded all too familiar…so he asked me if I would consider having my testosterone levels tested.

Almost immediately after beginning treatment, I felt a sense of clarity and focus. My energy levels increased, which motivated me to exercise more and gain muscle. The mood swings stopped and I discovered I actually had a libido!

If you’re having any of these symptoms — low energy, depression, moodiness, low libido — why not get your testosterone levels tested? The changes I experienced were profound. Dr. Werner and his team changed my life and I couldn’t be happier.

—  DS, 49

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Specific Treatments for Gay/Bisexual Men

Our mission is to offer the best treatment options to each man and work with you to create a customized treatment plan. Gay and bisexual men have additional, unique needs and we at Maze are uniquely designed and staffed to address them.

Conditions We Treat

Erectile Dysfunction 

Low Testosterone

  • Low Libido
  • Decreased Energy
  • Difficulty taking off fat and putting on muscle
  • Mental Fogginess
  • Depression/Anxiety

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

  • Difficulty with urination or defecation
  • Pain in the pelvis, penis, scrotum or perineum, especially after sex
  • Sexual dysfunction, especially erection issues

Peyronie’s Disease

Premature Ejaculation

Other Services We Offer

Anal Rehabilitation (Too tight or too loose)

Anal Dilation

Anoscopy and PAP

Anal Manometry

Bowel prep

Pelvic Floor Therapy

PrEp – initiation and maintenance

Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing

  • Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trich, Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis
  • HPV screening (anal PAP)
  • PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

Sex therapy

Annual Preventative Care Visit; What to Expect

We know that visiting a new practice for the first time can cause significant anxiety and stress. The following is what you can expect from your visit.

First Visit Components

Sexual History

Prior to your first visit, we will set up a comprehensive intake with Matthew Phillips, our gay sex therapist.  He will take a thorough sexual history in preparation for your first in-person visit. He will also be available for further evaluation and/or therapy as needed.

Comprehensive History and Physical Examination

In preparation for your first visit, you will fill out a series of questionnaires. It may feel onerous, but trust us, we will use all of this information to comprehensively address any issues you are having.

Upon arriving at your first appointment, you will meet with our nurse practitioner. He will review your full medical and sexual history with you. He will also screen for and discuss symptoms of low testosterone, anxiety and depression, and screen for erection, ejaculation, sleep, and urination issues.

After reviewing your sexual and medical history, you will then receive a full medical exam, including an anal PAP smear.

Lab Testing

For gay and bisexual men, standard and additional testing is indicated. One of the aspects of our care that men appreciate most, is that all of your samples will be collected on site, and then testing will either be performed at Maze or sent out to the appropriate lab that participates with your plan.

You will have a full set of blood work drawn, including hormones, complete blood count, electrolytes, and lipids.

We will also do indicated STD testing, which may include blood work, urine testing, and both throat and rectal swabs. Additionally, we will perform an anal pap on all men who have a history of anal sex. Find out more on why an anal pap is so important.

Based on your history we will consider starting, renewing, or changing your PrEP and or beginning your HPV vaccine series.

Second Appointment

You will be scheduled for a second appointment, approximately two weeks after your first appointment. At this appointment, we will review the results of all of your testing. Then together, with Dr. Werner, we will review everything we’ve learned, and develop a comprehensive treatment and follow-up plan.

Meet our Gay Men’s Health Providers

Matthew Phillips, LCSW, MED

As a licensed clinical social worker, sex therapist, and gay man myself, I am well-positioned to support the mental health needs of my community. I have over fifteen years of clinical experience, which enables me to provide assessments and therapy that emphasize sexual identity and functioning as critical components of a balanced life. I practice from a social justice perspective and actively work to affirm people of diverse experiences and relationship models.

Anthony Angeloni, PA-C

Throughout my clinical training in both primary care and specialized settings, I noticed a distinct separation between the patients’ physical complaints, mental well-being, and their own personal lives. As a provider at Maze Health, I assess all of these factors to ensure each patient receives a plan-of-care most appropriate to their needs. With an emphasis on care regarding sexual identity, I address the concerns and distinct needs of gay and bisexual men that are often overlooked in medicine. 

I am currently an NCCPA board-certified physician assistant at Maze Men’s Health. I  graduated from DeSales University as part of an accelerated program where I received both a Bachelor of Science in Medical Studies and Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies over the course of five years.  


Michael A. Werner, MD, FACS, Medical Director/Founder

I am the proud member of an astoundingly queer family. Our son, Adam Eli, is a gay activist, writer and community organizer. My wife and I (though mostly my wife) cofounded Mosaic of Westchester, which has focused on integrating Westchester’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Jews into the fabric of Jewish life, thus enriching the entire Westchester Jewish community.

Since the founding of Maze in 1994, I have been committed  to being inclusive and welcoming to the LGBTQ community. With this gay/bisexual unit, I am hoping to offer even more services that are specifically needed by our patients, utilizing primarily LGBTQ providers.

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