Here’s how we can help you

At Maze, we treat the whole man. We start by taking whatever time it takes to know you well: your lifestyle, your diet, your exercise regimen — any aspect of your medical history that will help us understand what’s going on with you. And it’s a real conversation, not some rote clinical drill.

As you’ll see, Maze team members are not only gifted scientists, they’re good guys — easy to talk to, non-judgmental and passionately committed to finding the best possible treatment. Our staff includes a nutritional and exercise physiologist, a sexual educator, a research clinician, and the center’s founder, Dr. Michael Werner, a board-certified urologist. Together, they’ll coordinate a unique plan for you.

We draw upon the best that science has to offer. For many men, there are several issues which need to be addressed, either simultaneously, or sequentially. Whatever your treatment, rigorous follow-up will be an important part of it. Reliable testing and analysis are essential to good science, so we have had our own laboratory in-house since we opened our doors.

No one else applies this level of resources or expertise to restoring sexual health. So no matter how long your problem has existed or how difficult it has been for you, we can most likely help. If you’ve got the courage to call, we’ve got the training and compassion to see you through.

Male Sexual Health Issues

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Roughly 30 million men in America suffer from various degrees of ED. The good news is that ED is treatable; if you have a penis, we can get you an erection. This is true even if you haven’t  had success elsewhere. Learn More

Low Testosterone/Andropause

Low testosterone, also known as andropause, is usually the result of a natural decline in hormones that happens as men age. However, low testosterone, and its accompanying symptoms (i.e. significantly decreased interest in sex, decreased energy level), can happen at any age. Most physicians, even those who specialize in hormones, are relatively unsophisticated about how they treat andropause. As a result, they often and under-diagnose and under-treat men with low testosterone. The best treatment outcome for you will come from being treated by a team that is comprehensive but nuanced; a team that can figure out the various contributing factors and address them all, usually simultaneously. Learn More

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation (PE) used to be written off to psychological causes. We now know that there are significant, sometimes primary, physical problems that contribute to premature ejaculation. A thorough medical evaluation and management program, using a team approach, is the best way to address this very common problem. Learn More

Delayed Ejaculation

 There is currently no “silver bullet” to cure delayed ejaculation. However, it can be managed, and sometimes even overcome, using a combination of medication, behavioral intervention, and hormonal therapy that is tailored to suit your specific needs.  Learn More

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is characterized by the development of scar tissue (or a hard bump) under the skin of  the penis. This scar tissue can cause pain, erectile dysfunction and a curvature of the penis. Maximal management begins with an extremely thorough evaluation and usually involves a combination of several different treatment methods. Learn More

Penile Rehabilitatio

Penile rehabilitation consists of medical and therapeutic treatments to restore penile health and function. It is used before, during or following surgery, trauma or illness. It is a relatively new concept in sexual medicine, but it is an important component in helping men regain satisfactory sexual function. Learn More

Exercise Physiology

Getting and maintaining an erection depends on an intact vasculature system. In fact, the functioning of your penis is a good indicator of your overall vascular or heart function, and anything that is good for your heart, is also good for your penis. So we take your overall vascular health very seriously. Working with our exercise physiologist will  help you incorporate lifestyle changes that can dramatically improve your sexual and reproductive, as well as your overall health. Learn More

Sexual Education

Because most men received very little sex education growing up, their knowledge is sometimes incomplete or even incorrect. At Maze, patient education is at the heart of all we do.  You will become a partner in your treatment as you learn about your body. And throughout your treatment, we will continue to explore with you how to integrate all the positive changes being made into your love life. Learn More


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