9 Months

I’ve been avidly watching 9 Months with Courteney Cox on Facebook Watch since Season 1. It’s one of the best pregnancy journey shows I’ve ever seen. Courteney Cox, best known as Monica on Friends, had her own journey to parenthood with recurrent pregnancy loss before having her daughter Coco through IVF. Some of the couples you meet during the 3 seasons that are out (spoilers):

  • Jason and Adam, who have a one-year-old at home, discover that their friend and gestational carrier Jesse, is pregnant with triplets.
  • Lauren and Steve, who discover she has breast cancer a week after her positive pregnancy test.
  • Paula, a 50-year-old single woman who is going through the process of IVF.
  • Marnie, who identifies as non-binary, and their partner Rebecca, who do reciprocal IVF.
  • Angelina and Andrew, a biracial teen couple who consider adoption.
  • Brandi and Lawrence, gay best friends who decide to have a baby together.
  • Charisse and David, who navigate pregnancy with the challenge of her cerebral palsy.
  • Rebecca, who survived childhood cancer with disabling complications, discover that he has cancer while she’s pregnant.
  • Caylea, a little person, and D’quan, who is average, discover their second child has achondroplasia dwarfism like his mom.
  • Ileana and Ross, who discover their second child has Down Syndrome.
  • Ahanu and Pertrona, both trans, navigate a pregnancy they were told wouldn’t be possible.
  • Laura and Patrick, both deaf, navigate pregnancy and delivery during the COVID era of masks and limited support teams.

And so many more! This show has introduced me to family permutations I’ve never thought of, and infertility challenges I’ve never considered. It is so raw and diverse. New episodes drop twice a week and I wait for every single one!

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