A New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

We are really excited about a new treatment option for men who suffer from ED, — LI-ESWT (Low Intensity- Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy).  

LI-ESWT is a relatively new, painless method for treatment of ED. It has been proven, in the past 10 years, to be extremely effective in improving ED in most men.

The extraordinary feature of LI-ESWT is that it is the first potential non-surgical curative treatment for ED.  That is, it may be able to “fix” the underlying problem, at least for a while, so that men don’t need to use another treatment every time they want to have intercourse. Current treatment of ED, using pills or injections, is extremely successful.  But unfortunately, and what men always find irritating, is that it invariably always relies on ongoing management of the condition. That is, anyone using pills or other treatments has to plan to use them before each sexual activity. LI-ESWT treatment can improve a man’s sexual functioning whenever he is sexually active.  Initially it does involve 12 short treatments in the office. But then it may allow him to get and maintain a good erection whenever he wants to have sex, without requiring any other immediate intervention.

While Shock Wave Therapy is extremely effective, it’s not right for everyone. Call us, complete the form below or read more here to see if it’s an appropriate treatment for you!

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