A Year in The Life

Here we are – 13+ months into the pandemic. Many of us can’t believe it’s been a year and then some.

Anniversaries – whether they mark occasions that are happy or sad – are generally a time to reflect on the past and to look forward. But how often do you really contemplate your sexuality through this lens?

You might want to ask yourself questions like: what went well? Did you find yourself with more solo time? Did you and your partner explore new positions? Did you treat yourself to a fun new toy (check out our top recommended products here), or experiment with flavored-lube? Maybe you just took a purposeful break from sex in order to reset.

If you didn’t do any of these things – it’s ABSOLUTELY okay! Some people used activity and distraction in order to cope with the anxiety, sadness, grief, boredom, isolation, confinement. And others focused on surrounding themselves with cozy blankets, cuddly pets and a binge-watching schedule of Olympian scale. No matter.

But – can you plan for the future? Of course you can. What are you hoping for? Casual hook-ups or a serious relationship? The ability to try something new? More effective communication about what your needs and preferences are? These are worthy goals. Take the time now to sift through some of this and prioritize your sexual needs. And if you need our help, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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