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Ever since a small study from 2009 implied testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) increased the incidence of cardiovascular events in patients who received TRT, many men have suffered through their symptoms out of fear of this unfounded side-effect. However, a new study has revealed that those findings are unsubstantiated and in fact, our experience is that HRT can significantly improve a man’s life without negatively impacting cardiovascular health.

The 2023 Study

The results are in for the long-awaited TRAVERSE Study, Cardiovascular Safety of Testosterone-Replacement Therapy, which was mandated by the FDA in 2015 and was designed to determine whether TRT caused major cardiac events in high-risk men.  The answer is a resounding “No”.

The study followed 5,246 men of an average age of 63, with low testosterone levels and preexisting or at high risk for cardiac disease. Half of them were randomized to receive testosterone and the other half to receive placebo.  The average duration of treatment was 22 months, and the average follow up was 33 months.

The Results:
The men on TRT treatment actually had a slightly lower (but not statistically significant) incidence of cardiac events compared to the non-treated group.  

In addition, results from previously conducted controlled studies have proven that the use of testosterone in older men improves sexual function, improves bone density, corrects anemia, and reduces depression.  

In our experience, TRT makes dramatic changes in the vast majority of treated men’s lives, in terms of increased libido, energy, mental focus, and ability/motivation to exercise, with significant loss of fat and gain of muscle.

We are hopeful that this study will finally eliminate the fear that some physicians and patients have had about putting themselves at risk for heart attacks and strokes from being treated with testosterone.

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