Breaking the Cycle: It’s Never Too Late

It’s very rare that we see patients who come in with only one symptom. What we often find is a pattern of related symptoms, which often started off as just one mild to moderate symptom. One reason for this is that the underlying cause (such as low testosterone, pelvic floor dysfunction, etc.) can manifest in several ways. However, there is another significant factor to take in account. A symptom in an of itself can trigger a cycle, in which symptoms systematically worsen due to their relation to one another. Let’s take a look at an example:

A 30 year-old man comes in with worsening erectile dysfunction, libido, delayed ejaculation, and low energy levels. In one scenario, low testosterone could be the cause behind all of these issues. In another, a cycle developed starting with the erectile dysfunction. As he noticed his erections worsening, his libido began to worsen. It’s very common for men to find that when they have poor erections, their desire to have sex decreases as well. Following this, having poor erections and low libido makes it more difficult to ejaculate, hence his symptom of delayed ejaculation. These symptoms cycle into one another. As the erections worsen, the libido worsens, and then the ejaculation worsens. Overtime, the mental toll of dealing with this can create anxiety and depression, which then feeds into cycle as well. Especially with depression, low energy levels and a worsening mood become symptoms in the cycle as well. 

This situation may seem dire, but breaking the cycle is much easier than you might think. The truth is, there is seldom a one step cure all to treat all of these symptoms. That’s why we identify the potential causes and treat each symptom separately and systematically. What we tend to find is that the cycle reverses itself as each symptom becomes less severe. For example, better erections lead to a better libido, which leads to better ejaculation. Although sometimes anxiety and depression need to be treated separately, we have found that with some patients, their psychological symptoms dissipate with the resolution of their physical symptoms. 

If you feel that you’re stuck in a cycle, it’s never too late to find help. You deserve to feel 100%, and all it takes is one call to start moving towards that. Contact us for a free phone consultation today.

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