Conquering Your Sex Life

To many of us, the effects of aging on our sex life is something we perceive as an inevitability. We may come to envy younger couples, thinking that they are living in the peak of their “sexual careers”. These trains of thought not only prevent us from seeking ways to reach new and higher peaks of our own, but they also devalue the years, or even decades, of experience and comfort you have with yourself and your partner.

Exploring New Tactics

Relegating yourself to a case that can’t be helped, a person past their prime, doesn’t do justice to the options available to those who seek them and the power that you possess. The power to make choices that will rejuvenate not only your sexual energy, but your daily vigor as well. Speaking to a doctor about your sex life is the first step to finding out if hormone levels or erectile dysfunction could be your first foe to overcome. Studies have also shown that poor sleep and lack of exercise have a significant impact on the amount of energy we have for sex and day to day activities. The cement that erects your pillar of options is open communication with your doctor and your partner, because often the barriers we must overcome aren’t only physical, but also mental. This article from Harvard Men’s Health expands on ways to reignite your passion.

Becoming a Veteran of Lovemaking

As you pursue your options to fortify your sex drive and energy, you’ll need strategies to employ while you wait for results. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to think that sex revolves around the erection. By placing so much emphasis on getting and maintaining an erection, you get tunnel vision and ignore the untold pleasure and potential you can find through being intimate and playful with your partner. Open your mind and you might find that your so called sexual peak in your twenties was just a hill, with the real climb leading to a mountain of possibilities. Intimacy Coach Sharon Gordon explores more of this “mid-life pleasure awakening” in her recent article.

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