E-Cigarette Use Associated With Increased ED

It is well known that cigarette smoking causes increased cardiovascular disease and increased erectile dysfunction (ED). E-Cigarettes (electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS) have the same components as cigarettes, but a different delivery system. So, it was an appropriate medical question to ask whether the use of ENDS increased ED!

In fact, a recent study (in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine) also showed when current ENDS users were compared to never users, they had over two times the rate of ED!!

Nicotine and other chemicals in e-cigarettes reduce the ability of the arteries to dilate. This constriction of the arteries is what causes Erectile Dysfunction. Additionally, these chemicals can decrease testosterone levels which is correlated with ED.

This seems to indicate that it is not just the actual smoking of cigarettes that causes ED, but that something in the delivered ingredients of both cigarettes and E-cigarettes that is the cause.

The implications are clear if you like your erections (and your heart):

· Don’t Smoke

· Don’t Use E-Cigarettes

· Avoid Nicotine

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