Enhance Your Valentine’s Day With Some New Toys

Part of our overall treatment is helping men expand their sexual activities to a more playful and pleasure-focused approach. Many men adhere to a very rigid sequence of events that unfold for sex to be considered “successful.” Understandably, this rigid approach can frequently result in performance anxiety which leads to all kinds of sexual function issues.

One approach is to incorporate toys into sexual activity. And as Valentine’s Day is coming up, toys are a great way to bring more fun into the bedroom. Men are used to toys. We had them as babies and we played with them as kids in the sandbox! Lots of men have adult toys such as motorcycles, computers, and sports equipment. I like the idea of using it because a toy invokes the idea of play. If we’re playing, the focus is on just having fun.

Unfortunately, the term “sex toys” carries a lot of baggage. If I mention a sex toy in a session many men often go straight to imagining giant dildos or scary devices they’ve seen on the Internet. When I suggest toys however, it is far more benign. Everyday objects can become sex toys! A tennis ball can be rolled up and down limbs and bodies as a great massage toy with a partner. Pieces of fabric, scarves, and even old neck-ties, can be used to enhance sensation or even as a blindfold. A hairbrush gently rolled on the skin can deliver a delightful prickle-tickle.

One of our top recommendations is a body massager called the Lush Passion Wand. Many of our patients purchase them here in the office. These are body massagers that are sold in department stores or specialty shops or even drugstores. These devices are very strong vibrating massagers that feel amazing on a sore neck or sore muscles and tired bodies. They also feel amazing on erogenous areas. We often don’t think of vibration as a great sensation for men, but the fact is, many men love the strong stimulation that comes from these devices.

So, do some exploring. Take a look around the house for everyday objects which you can turn into erotic toys. Do some online shopping and find some devices which tickle your funny bone and start playing! If you’re interested in exploring with sex toys, but don’t know where to start, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of our top recommended products to give you a leg up this Valentine’s Day.

You can also contact us to schedule a free consult if you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction or would like to learn more about how to incorporate these toys into your sexual routine.

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