Feeling Tired and Stressed? It Could Be More than Work, It Might Be Low Testosterone

The average American is busier than ever before. The stresses of every day life are large contributors to the way you feel physically and mentally during your waking hours, while affecting your sleep quality as well. You may experience fatigue, difficulty sleeping, low sex drive, an increase in body fat, and brain fog. We often throw these symptoms to the wayside, explaining them as a byproduct of deadlines at work, a rough week of being a parent, or old age, but what if stress was only a small player in your daily battle against these symptoms? Low testosterone can result in every symptom listed above, as well as several others such as erectile dysfunction, depression, and rapid hair loss. If you are a man under 30, you might be thinking this doesn’t apply to you, but even men in their early twenties can have low testosterone. Several factors can increase your risk as well, regardless of age. These include, but are not limited to, high blood pressure, obesity, drug use, anabolic steroid use, and certain prescription drugs.                

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to accept this as the “new you”. If you have low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy administered under the care of a physician could bring you back to feeling invigorated and energetic each day, with a sex drive to match. When it comes to erectile dysfunction, some men will find that testosterone replacement therapy alone will provide them with an adequate erection, eliminating the need for PDE5 inhibitors like Viagra or Cialis. Finding out if you have low testosterone is as easy as getting a blood test. You can then speak to your doctor to see if testosterone replacement therapy is the right treatment for you.

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