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When we think about ejaculatory dysfunction, most people think of premature ejaculation. But we should also consider Delayed Ejaculation (DE). As the name implies, delayed ejaculation is where men have difficulty reaching climax, or perhaps can’t get there at all. Men are often praised for being able to last longer, but as any man with delayed ejaculation will tell you, they wish that they had premature ejaculation instead. Not only is difficulty climaxing frustrating for men, but many women will feel that there is something they aren’t doing right, which isn’t the case.

Delayed ejaculation can have many causes. It has been connected to low testosterone, hypothyroidism, hyperprolactinemia, and anxiety. Additionally, as men age, the penis will become less sensitive which will make it more difficult to ejaculate. Certain medications can potentially cause delayed ejaculation, such as most SSRI’s and some treatments for lower urinary tract symptoms. Check out this resource if you’re looking for a more in depth explanation of delayed ejaculation.

The good news is that any of the above conditions are relatively easy to treat. Unfortunately, treating them doesn’t always resolve the delayed ejaculation. Although it is a difficult condition to treat, there are treatment options and we have had success in completely resolving some of our patient’s delayed ejaculation.

If you feel that delayed ejaculation is negatively impacting your sex life, just know that you aren’t alone and there is hope in the form of treatment.  

For treatments, questions or any other sexual health concerns, contact us here at Maze. We’re more than happy to help.

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