Online ED Medications…Are They Safe?

Recent studies on the prevalence of erectile dysfunction have consistently shown one thing. A large percentage of men who have erectile dysfunction do not seek treatment. Why not? Well, some men are embarrassed while others just want a quick and easy fix. This is where the recent prevalence of online doctors prescribing online meds comes in…but is this the best option?

Several companies have been created to fill the void between in-person doctor visits and online ordering of unregulated medication.  These companies operate by staffing physicians who are licensed in different states. Patients are charged a flat fee and speak to a physician licensed in their state over the phone or via video chat. The physician takes their history, discusses treatment options, and prescribes medication when appropriate. The benefits of these models are that more men are being treated for ED that otherwise wouldn’t be and the cost to interact with a doctor is less than an in-person visit in most cases.

However, there are many reasons that seeing a specialist for ED is a better choice in the long run.
A specialist is going to look at all aspects of your health to determine the primary cause and best treatment option. They will run bloodwork to look at hormone and lipid levels that could be affecting erectile function. They will look at your physical and mental health to assess any physical or psychological components and how to manage them. A specialist will conduct a physical exam and use diagnostic devices to further isolate the root cause of the dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction often occurs with other conditions as well, such as pre-mature ejaculation or delayed ejaculation, Low T/andropause, and decreased penile sensitivity. All these conditions have treatment options that a specialist will be able to provide.

One other consideration is, what if the pills don’t work?

Many men will find that either the pills aren’t strong enough, they can’t take them for medical reasons, or the side effects are too severe to justify taking them. In these scenarios, the only option is to see a specialist that will be able to prescribe stronger medications and/or employ techniques such as shock wave therapy or injections, none of which are available through online services.

If you have tried and failed to treat your ED through an online service or elsewhere, or if you have any of the related conditions above, know that there are other treatments available that can help you. Contact us to learn more, schedule an appointment or schedule a free phone consultation.

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