Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy: An At Home Option for Training Your Penis Back to Health

The pelvic floor muscles are located in the perineal area (commonly referred to as the taint) and are directly linked to the ability or inability to control urinary continence and post-void dribbling. For men, these muscles play a major role in erectile function and ejaculatory control. There are different ways to exercise these muscles through Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy (PFMT), which has been found to improve incontinence, premature ejaculation issues, and erectile function. However, it is important to understand that exercising these muscles can be tricky to learn. Exercising your pelvic muscles likely won’t be the only way to treat your symptoms, but when paired with other treatment options, they can drastically improve the overall results.

Nearly 40% of men over 40 have some form of erectile dysfunction (ED) and every decade after that, it goes up another 10%. While there are many potential causes of ED, the most common factor is insufficient blood flow, or alternatively, poor venous trapping of the blood. This causes increased refractory time and less rigid erections, or the inability to achieve one at all. While there is no specific exercise regimen for PFMT, it should be considered a first line approach to ED based on the documented benefits these exercises offer. For example, a study conducted in the United Kingdom consisted of 55 men (with variable severity of ED). Forty percent of the men exercised their way back to normal erectile function, 35% of men saw some improvement, and only 25% saw no benefit. Read more about the study here.

Arguably the most difficult part about PFMT is figuring out what muscles to contract and relax. You need to be sure that the muscles you are exercising are the same muscles that are used in stopping the flow of urine during voiding. Many men who are new to PFMT will learn how to perform these exercises while urinating by starting and stopping the flow. Once you learn the right technique, it can be done anywhere and at any time without anyone even noticing you’re doing it. It then becomes as simple as 10 seconds contracted, 10 seconds off, and then repeated periodically throughout the day.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or any other sexual dysfunction, we can help find the treatment that works for you. Contact us for a free phone consultation to learn more.

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