Penile Enhancement: Is it Worth the Risk?

It’s not uncommon for men, at some point in their life, to feel that they are not as well-endowed as they would like to be. Whether it started at a young age, comparing oneself in a locker room, or growing up thinking that most men look like the guys in porn, the stress of “not being enough” can drive many to search online for penile enhancement options. The problem is that there are many reported problems with penile enhancement surgeries and injections, and therefore, we would strongly advise against them.

Although there are a variety of cosmetic procedures being performed (girth or length enhancement, or both), controversy exists with each. Many studies have produced a range of results regarding patient satisfaction rates and efficacy of procedure, all with an overwhelming lack of evidence supporting each procedure.

Some of the results reported include a 1-2cm increase in length (about the size of your thumb nail) and a 2.5cm increase in penile girth. However, these increases are often paired with a variety of negative side effects such as penile deformity, scarring, penile shortening,  and general sexual dysfunction. Most interestingly, the vast majority of men who request some type of penile enhancement surgery are men who actually have normally sized and functioning penises. This could imply that some of these men may be suffering from body dysmorphia, which is a treatable psychological condition.

If you’re considering a procedure like this, keep in mind that nearly all are unapproved and unregulated. There’s also no official protocol available to physicians to determine which patients are good candidates. Lastly, it is likely that in the future there will be effective procedures for penile enhancement, but at this current time, the methodologies are risky. As stated in a research paper in the European Urology Journal, “The only consensus that exists today regarding the need for such procedures is for surgical correction of a micropenis.”

If you’re thinking about having a penile enhancement surgery, we strongly advise that you conduct your own in-depth research before proceeding. Based on our research, the risk outweighs the reward.

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