Penile Injections with an Auto-Injector

Penile Injections for Erectile Dysfunction are much more common than people may think. They are an extremely effective treatment option that many of our patients at Maze use. Our patients have shared that the option of using an auto-injector was never discussed at previous Men’s Health Clinics or Urologists they have gone to. This is unfortunate, as performing an injection directly with a needle can be much more daunting.

With all of our patients starting injections, we teach them how to perform the injection with the Owen Mumford Autoject 2. We find that the device is easy to use and reliable. There are two primary benefits to using an auto-injector. For one, the needle is concealed inside the device during the duration of the injection. Performing the injection without having to see the needle makes the process much easier for men. Secondly, the device both injects the needle and dispenses the medication in just a few seconds. Due to how fast the device injects, the process is relatively painless.

We also spend significant time teaching our patients the proper positioning for a penile injection with the auto-injector, including a basic understanding of the anatomy of the penis. View our instructional videos to learn more.

If you or your partner are experiencing any signs of Erectile Dysfunction and want to learn about treatments, please contact us here for a FREE phone consultation.

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