Peyronie’s Disease: Setting Things Straight

It’s great to see that there has been an increase in the awareness of Peyronie’s disease. Advertisements for Xiaflex treatment, for example, have been encouraging more and more men to seek help for a disease they are most likely too embarrassed to talk about. Although this is a good first step, it’s important to understand that finding the right physician is key.  

This New York Times article highlights that the lack of Peyronie’s awareness extends into the medical community as well. It is not uncommon for us to treat men who have been previously diagnosed, but were not provided with a full range of treatment options.

Men who believe they may have Peyronie’s should prioritize finding a urologist who specializes in treating Peyronie’s disease. A specialist should discuss all treatment options, which consists of oral medications, penile extenders, shockwave therapy, intralesional injections (such as Xiaflex and Verapamil), and surgical intervention. They should have the ability, time, and expertise, to introduce various treatment options, and teach you to use them.  If they cannot provide these basics, then you owe it to yourself to find a specialist who can.

In our experience, the combination of Xiaflex injections with a penile extender device has been the most successful treatment course for Peyronie’s disease.

However, when it comes to the early stages of Peyronie’s disease, Xiaflex is not always an option. In these cases, the best options are penile extending devices, oral medications, and low-intensity shock wave therapy. This is the same type of shockwave therapy currently being used for ED, but with an altered protocol designed to target the Peyronie’s plaque. Several studies have found this treatment option to be beneficial in slowing or halting the rate of curvature in early stage Peyronie’s disease. 

It is important to note that administering Xiaflex most effectively requires significant experience.  Seeing a specialist who can determine the optimal injection location for each individual case will result in the most rapid rate of improvement.

Early diagnosis and treatment by an experienced urologist is critical to achieving successful results. Click here to learn about Dr. Michael Werner’s expertise in treating Peyronie’s Disease.

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