Report: Testosterone Treatment to Increase Bone Density and Strength in Men Over 65

A report in the February 21, 2017 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that testosterone replacement therapy for one year, “significantly increased their vBMD (volumetric bone mineral density) and estimated bone strength.”               

The study was part of the Testosterone Trials, which had previously shown improvements in all areas of sexual function with testosterone treatment.

In this study, men on testosterone for one year showed a 6.1% increase in spine density.  This is estimated to increase the strength of the spine trabecular bone by 10.8% versus 2.4% in the untreated/placebo group.  The assumption is that testosterone treatment will decrease bone fractures by increasing bone strength.

This report is unsurprising, as previous reports have shown similar findings. However it’s a useful confirmatory study regarding one more positive result of testosterone replacement therapy.

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