Self-Insemination – A Natural Pregnancy Hack

Have you heard of Self-Insemination?

Self-Insemination is a process in which a man will ejaculate at home into a sterile cup, draw up the sample into a syringe, and then insert that sample into his partner’s vagina. The sample will be clumpy and goopy at first, but after about 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes a little longer, the enzymes in the ejaculate will break down the sample until it becomes more liquid. Ideally, the sample should be kept at body temperature while the enzymes work, which can be easily accomplished by holding the sterile cup in your hand.

Once the sample is drawn up with a syringe, either partner can insert it into the vagina, almost like a tampon. If possible, the woman should lie flat for 10-15 minutes to increase the chances of conception.

Self-inseminations are a great option for many couples because the sample is placed right into the vagina without requiring any medical intervention at all.

At Maze, we have advised hundreds of couples on the self-insemination process and many have conceived as a result. It’s a very easy technique for couples to try and sometimes, just knowing that it’s an option takes a lot of the pressure off the man which often allows him to have an easier time with intercourse.

We believe it’s important that couples realize that self-inseminations are something that they may want to consider if they are having difficulty conceiving. It may seem ideal to conceive through intercourse but really, what’s most important is that the sperm gets into the vagina at the right time of the month.

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