Sexual Happiness: It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Journey

Just like in life, there is no amount of money, no expensive car, nor is there a private island that is going to make you feel “successful” in terms of happiness. Happiness is that time you won the 5k Race in your home town park. It’s the Bahama vacation you took with your college roommates. It’s the way you felt after the birth of your first child. Happiness at the final moments of your life will be defined by the experiences you treasure and the moments you cherish from all the past years.

The same rules apply when it comes to sexual happiness and success. Constantly, couples feels pressured to do four things: get aroused, penetrate, climax, and feel satisfied with the experience. There is no one single pattern, or sequence of events required to reach this sexual happy “destination”. At Maze Health, we take the time to re-educate when it comes to sexual intimacy, as television shows, movies and American culture have created a “stigma” as to what sex really is. Sometimes, intimacy or sexual satisfaction doesn’t involve penetration at all. Bringing some adult “play” into the bedroom is important to grow as a relationship changes over time. Take time to re-learn each other’s bodies, vocalize what you’d like from your partner and ask them what they would like in return. Enjoy the journey of sex; the roller coaster ride of physical, mental and emotional connections and sensations. Don’t initiate sex with a mindset of a set destination because then there will most likely be unenjoyable bumps and you might not actually get there. Forget the final destination. It doesn’t exist. Enjoy the journey with your partner.

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