So You’re Thinking About Getting a Vasectomy… 

Considering a Vasectomy? Then you’re in very good company. In fact, it’s becoming more and more common, particularly here in the United States. While it has been traditionally talked about as “impossibly painful “or “very permanent,” these are old school characterizations and are actually untrue. At Maze, our medical director and board-certified urologist, Dr. Michael A. Werner, has been performing the no-needle, no-scalpel Vasectomy for over 12 years. His procedure requires no stitches or needles and is much less invasive compared to conventional vasectomies. Considered the gold standard, this procedure is completed within 15 minutes and has a very easy recovery; only 2-3 days of rest and decreased activity.  

Getting a Vasectomy is a big decision and it’s important to evaluate if it’s right for you. To ensure you are making the right choice, here are some common misconceptions (debunked) below:  

A Vasectomy does not affect libido. 

• A Vasectomy does not affect your testosterone levels. 

• A Vasectomy does not cause Erectile Dysfunction. 

• A Vasectomy does not impact ejaculation. 

• A Vasectomy does not cause cancer. 

After understanding your concerns and circumstances, let’s get into some popular reasons why men might decide to undergo a Vasectomy. Well, for one, it can improve your relationship. Many women appreciate not having to do all the reproductive heavy lifting. Getting a vasectomy takes the worry of unwanted pregnancy off the table for both partners. Removing stress almost always means better sex. Additionally, this removes the need for Women to take any hormonal birth control or take other measures to avoid pregnancy.  

If you feel your circumstances on having children may change in the future, we always recommend that men consider banking their sperm prior to getting a Vasectomy. Sperm can be frozen and stored almost indefinitely, and this will ensure you still have the option to have children in the future. 

If you’re curious to learn more about our Gold-Standard (No-Needle, No Scalpel) Vasectomy at Maze Men’s Health, please contact us to schedule a 10-minute consult. 
Our experts at Maze will answer your questions and put your mind at ease so that you can make the best decisions about your health and well-being. 

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