Testosterone Treatment Improves Sexual Function in Older Men

A very important study recently published in the country’s most prestigious medical journal, the New England Journal of Medicine, evaluated the “Effects of Testosterone Treatment in Older Men.”

The study included 790 men, 65 years or older, who had a low testosterone level. They were then treated with testosterone over the course of one year and had significant improvements in many parameters, with no adverse effects.

“The increase in testosterone levels was associated with significantly increased sexual activity…. as well as significantly increased sexual desire and erectile function.”  

Walking speed, an indication of overall fitness, also significantly increased with testosterone replacement therapy. 

The treated men had a slightly better mood, and less depression.

Equally important, there was NO increase in heart attacks, strokes, clots, or prostate cancer.  (However, it is impossible to say for certainty that there is for sure not a slight increase in cardiovascular issues, but there is certainly no evidence to suggest it.)

The study clearly and finally proves that when older men with low testosterone levels are treated with testosterone, they experience significantly higher quality of life in many areas.  

It is my hope that many more of the men who are suffering with low testosterone will be identified and treated.

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