The Underlying Causes of ED

Life throws all of us a curveball now and then. And some bumps in the road are definitely bigger than others. Zach was a 17-year-old who had an undiagnosed heart condition. It was not until he began experiencing erectile dysfunction that the process of discovering his heart condition even began. This led him on a journey to create a company targeting other young men who are experiencing sexual difficulties. Zach is one of the founders of This article is the fascinating story of his journey from heart disease to creating a startup. One of the best things Zach says about ED in his story is, “It’s never a condition in and of itself. It is always a symptom.”

This is something we tell our patients every day. It’s vitally important to remember that erectile dysfunction should always be looked at as a symptom of an underlying problem. Even psychogenic ED (like that awful moment when an insensitive doctor may say, “It’s all in your head!”) is really just a symptom of an underlying anxiety disorder. That anxiety disorder can be situational when it is only evident around sex for example. Or it can be a systemic anxiety disorder which needs to be treated medically. Either way erectile dysfunction is the symptom and not the problem.

What happens all too often is that when the ED is considered to be the problem, doctors will only treat the ED and not investigate the underlying cause. Sometimes the underlying cause can be a life or death situation. At Maze Men’s Health, we look at the total person when dealing with any sexual health issue. This includes medical history and conditions, diet and exercise, and even mental and emotional health. Click here to learn more or contact us for a free phone consultation.

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