Top 5 Reasons to See An Expert For Low T

We’re living in a time of instant gratification. With the click of a button, you can have anything you ever dreamed of delivered right to your door. Hungry? Order a five course meal on DoorDash. Bored? Have that New York Times Bestseller sitting on your stoop. Low energy? Order a testosterone supplement online to take before tomorrow’s gym sesh. Although it may seem convenient, ordering testosterone supplements online may not be worth the cost. Here are the top five reasons why you should see a provider for testosterone supplementation:

1. To see if you actually have Low Testosterone levels!
Because there are testosterone receptors all over the body, the symptoms of low testosterone (Low T) are multifactorial, and span sexual, cognitive, somatic, muscular, and mental health systems. If you’re experiencing low energy, weight gain, and low libido, for example, your testosterone levels may be low, but there could be other causes. Take our Quiz to find out what your score is.
A thorough provider will examine your symptoms and order a full blood panel. Either you’ll be validated and have a baseline testosterone level to compare against treatment levels, or you’ll find that something else is causing your symptoms. Win-win.

2. Low T can result from a variety of issues.
Even if your blood panel shows low levels of available testosterone, it’s important to understand why your levels are low, and where along the testosterone production-to-usage path your body is falling short. Testosterone levels can be low for a whole host of reasons, including normal aging, certain congenital disorders, high levels of proteins that bind testosterone, pituitary disorders, sleep apnea, obesity, and chemotherapy. The best treatment plan for you may vary based on the cause of low levels. 

3. There are so many treatment options!
There are numerous treatment options available at your doctor that aren’t available online. There are gels, injections, capsules, pellets, and patches, each with its pros and cons. The right testosterone form for you can depend on how frequently you want to administer the medication, how well your body responds to that form, ease of use, and other personal preferences. The right practitioner can guide you through the options and help you select which form will best fit your needs. 

4. Finding the right dose for you.
Two people with the same baseline testosterone levels and the same testosterone supplementation dose can feel differently and get different responses on the same medication. Your testosterone dose, which includes how much testosterone you take, as well as how frequently you take the medication, can vary based on the degree of symptomatic improvement, your side effects, and lifestyle requirements, not just your numerical level. Moreover, your dose may need to be calibrated with time. Regular check-ins with your provider will help you track progress and allow you to make adjustments as needed. 

5. Taking testosterone can have dangerous side effects.
Another consequence of increasing testosterone levels is an increased amount of red blood cells in the body. While this can have positive benefits, if a person’s blood gets too “thick” with red blood cells, their chances of blood clot increases. Depending on where this clotting occurs, a person can have a heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, or other life-threatening event. A provider can monitor blood counts and proportions with regular blood work. Depending on your personal risk of cardiovascular or embolic event, your provider can guide you on risk mitigation by either changing your testosterone dose and/or encouraging periodic blood donations. 

For more information about Low Testosterone or your sexual health, contact us for a free phone consult.

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