What Does Cholesterol Have to do with Sexual Health?

You probably think that hamburgers and ice cream are only bad for your waistline, right? But what if they could actually put your sexual health in jeopardy? Read on to discover the important links between cholesterol and sexual health that all men should know.

High Cholesterol Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Many people see erectile dysfunction as an unfortunate side effect of getting old, but this condition can also affect young men struggling with high cholesterol. Cholesterol, like other fats, does not dissolve in the blood. Because of this, too much cholesterol clogs your arteries and restricts blood flow throughout the body, including to your penis. Without a steady stream of blood, you can’t reliably achieve an erection. That’s why cholesterol levels are one of the first things doctors check in patients presenting with erectile dysfunction.

Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Can Impact Libido

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a few pills will solve your problems. Studies have shown that many statins prescribed to lower cholesterol levels actually lower libidos as well.

However, not all drugs carry this side effect. Some men respond well to cholesterol-lowering drugs, and find that they actually improve their sex lives by giving them stronger erections. Note though, this is because the medication has helped the body work as it should. For this reason, if at all possible, it’s smart to lower your cholesterol level naturally with the right diet and exercise, rather than letting your health deteriorate so medications are the only options.

The improvement in erections from cholesterol-lowering drugs is relatively minor when compared to other forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction. For example, cholesterol-lowering drugs were shown to improve erections by between a third or half as much as impotency drugs including Viagra. So if you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, seeking treatment in this way will get the best results.

Cholesterol Helps the Formation of Sex Hormones

Cholesterol isn’t all bad though. In fact, a healthy level of cholesterol is vital for creating testosterone. So without cholesterol, you couldn’t produce mature sperm and your libido would take a hit. When you think about it, healthy cholesterol is actually fueling your sex drive! Testosterone is also responsible for a host of other important bodily functions that wouldn’t occur efficiently without cholesterol.

So next time you head for the drive-through, rethink your decision. While some cholesterol is important for normal sexual function, cholesterol-elevating treats could seriously impact your sexual health. Want more information? Contact us to schedule your free phone consult.


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