Can Bicycle Riding Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many reasons someone may fall susceptible to the perils of erectile dysfunction (ED). For some, it may be genetics, trauma, injury, or, commonly, prostate cancer. But, there are the handful of lifestyle factors and activities that contribute to the development of ED and can be prevented. One of these common activities is bicycle riding.

Now depending on who you ask, riding a bicycle may or may not contribute to the development of ED. But, when looking at why this may happen, it starts to make sense, despite the mixed opinions on this topic. When sitting on a bicycle seat, which generally has an extended nose in between your legs, a lot of perineal compression can occur. This compression temporarily obstructs penile perfusion which could impact endothelial function, causing vasculogenic ED. In other words, blood flow to the penis is limited which may cause temporary or permanent injury.

If you’re an avid cyclist, please understand we’re not here to tell you to stop riding, especially if that is how you like to exercise! But, it is good to be aware that riding may contribute to the development of ED. Luckily, there are some bicycle seats that are engineered to minimize discomfort and perineal pressure.

With conflicting results from multiple published studies, we encourage you to research this topic further to better understand and weigh the benefits and risks.
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