Finding a Sexual Dysfunction Expert

Finding an expert in any field takes a lot of work. In the field of sexuality and sexual medicine, it is an even more daunting task. It’s difficult to find a doctor we feel comfortable with and finding a doctor who is comfortable with sexuality is even more challenging. Most of us turn to the Internet and a quick Google search to help us. Even though we know we can’t believe everything we read online, we look for clues, references, and credentials to help us make a decision. If we see an expert quoted on several reputable sites, they must be authentic, right? But despite best endeavors, sometimes even the experts online have been fooled.

There is a famous story of Dr. Damian Jacob Markiewicz Sendler. He appeared on the Internet several years ago and according to Gizmodo, he presented himself as”

“Chief of sexology at a non-profit health research foundation based in New York. His website states he’s one of the youngest elected members of the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, and that Barack Obama gave him a President’s Gold Service Award for his contributions in medicine and mental health.”

He was quoted in Huffington Post, Forbes, Bustle, and Insider, as well as interviewed by Dan Savage. He must, then, know what he’s talking about! The fact is, he is a complete fraud and Gizmodo wrote a fascinating exposé discussing how he fooled everyone.  

This con-artist fooled experts who should have known better. If he can fool experts, it is probably fairly easy to fool people who are casually surfing the Internet as well. The results of Google searches are not always reliable sources.

So how do we vet a professional to make sure he is the real deal? We look for credentials of well-known licensing boards, institutions, societies, and schools. Most doctors and other medical professionals should have their certifications and licenses prominently placed in their office. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a professional about their training and their background – trust me, they will not be offended. I often appreciate it when the patient asks about my story of how I got into my particular field.

Anyone who comes to Maze is more than welcome to ask for evidence of training, certification, and licensing. We want you to be assured that you are in competent hands and are being cared for by trained professionals.

If you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction and are looking to speak to an expert in their field, you can contact us to schedule an appointment.

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