Sexual Aids for Men

Sexual aids for men have always had a troubled existence. For decades, they have been associated with lurid porn shops in seedy parts of town. Often, the items just look scary as their specific use remains somewhat of a mystery. Even the packaging can create some unease. Sex toys and porn have been inextricably linked for far too long.

The reality is that marital aids, as they are clinically called, can be a very valuable tool in helping restore and improve sexual performance in men. It is true that the penis needs regular cycles of tumescence for optimal health. If the penis is not experiencing erections during the sleeping cycle, it is really helpful to create erections during waking moments. Use of sexual aids can help create erections which bring in fresh blood and will keep penile tissue healthy.

In the absence of a partner, or if intercourse needs to be avoided for a time, sexual aids can provide a stimulatory outlet that can create great pleasure while maintaining safety and intimacy. I know of one couple where she packs him a surprise sex toy in his suitcase while he is on the road for business. When he gets to his destination, the fun of discovering it is a game that brings them closer even though they are continents apart. When he gets home, telling her about how he enjoyed using it is part of the plan.

Incorporating sex toys into the relationship can provide a sense of fun, excitement and adventure while preserving privacy. Not every couple can create a romantic weekend or plan an erotic setting when the kids are around. But slipping a small, new toy under the pillow shortly before bed can provide a sense of surprise and adventure.

One couple that had been trying to conceive found that sex on demand and on schedule was becoming a point of stress for them. I urged them to bring some toys into their lives. They bought a simple vibrator for her and a vibrating constriction ring for him. They told me that sex to get pregnant became a lot more fun when they had toys to distract them from the pressure of conception.

Go online and take a look at the dizzying array of toys. Think about what might be fun for you. Think about what might feel good. Think about what turns you on. Read reviews. Make an investment and have some fun!

If you have questions about sexual aids or your own sexual health, contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment

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