Shockwave Therapy: A Continued Update & Why To Consider It

It has now been three years since we implemented Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy as a treatment option for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. We are very happy to say that not only have we seen a very stable trend in terms of success, but we have also begun employing it in treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (also known as CP/CPPS). For ED, we continue to see that approximately 70% of the men with mild ED noticed significant improvement in their erections and a portion were cured of their ED completely, meaning they no longer meet the criteria for ED. For many of the men with severe ED who were inadequately responsive to pills or injections, shockwave therapy resulted in good erections when the pills or injections were used.

Why Should Someone Consider Shockwave Therapy?
Shockwave Therapy should be considered as a treatment option because it is free of side effects, potentially curative, and can increase the effectiveness of other treatment options.

Who Should Consider Shockwave Therapy
For anyone using oral medications successfully for ED, the biggest downsides of oral medications are side effects and timing. For example, Cialis should be taken 2 hours prior to intercourse for optimal results. Viagra should be taken 1 hour before intercourse on an empty stomach. Both have the potential to cause side effects such as headache, nasal congestion, flushing, etc. For those that find side effects troublesome, timing difficult, or both, Shockwave Therapy is a treatment option that could eliminate the need to use oral medications. Shockwave therapy is most successful in men who have mild to moderate ED, which are the majority of men who respond well to oral medications.

For those with moderate to severe ED, shockwave should be considered because of its ability to improve your response to your current treatment method. Whether it be oral medications or penile injections, if you are not getting an optimal response, shockwave therapy has the potential to improve your response to those treatments.

As an overview, shockwave therapy is most effective in men with mild to moderate ED who respond well to oral medications. For men with moderate to severe ED, shockwave therapy can make the difference between an “okay” erection and an “excellent” erection on your current treatment. Shockwave therapy is also most effective in men that primarily have arterial insufficiency (poor blood flow into the penis). For those with ED caused by nerve damage or veno-occlusive dysfunction (poor ability to “trap” the blood in the penis), shockwave therapy has not been shown to be as effective. A formal evaluation with ultrasound and full medical history is needed to determine the primary cause of ED.

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