Bottoming: Getting to Know Your Bodily Functions

It is impossible to meaningly discuss bottoming without addressing the elephant in the room. That elephant is feces.  If you are somehow too squeamish or offended by the subject then “Good luck to you and it is now time for you to leave.” For anyone interested in learning more, please read on.

Getting to know your bodily functions and working with them will change you bottoming life.  There are lifelong bottoms that have never relaxed during sex for the fear of their bowels opening on a top’s penis.  It means they are in a state of constant anxiety and hypervigilance, partially to fully clenching pelvic floor muscles in an attempt to avoid defecating on someone.  That is no way to enjoy yourself.

The first thing you need to understand is digestion and what is normal for you.  It takes between two and five days for food to pass through you.   That being said, there is an enormous range of toileting schedules that are considered to be within normal limits.  Three times a day to once or twice a week can be considered normal.  You have to know your toileting schedule and what is normal for you.

Here is a list of “must address” toileting to do’s:

  • Know your toileting schedule. If you are not regular, the consistency of your stool is not formed and cigar shaped, or if you are feeling like you are not completely empty, take fiber pills.  You will almost certainly not be able to stomach enough roughage for it to be effective.  Take the pills.  Fiber pills also help decrease gas.  There are many fiber products available.  One very popular product is Pure for Men.  It is a blend of all-natural ingredients including Chia Seed, Aloe Vera, Flax Seeds and Psyllium Husk which provides the benefit of both soluble and insoluble fiber.  There are additional health benefits to getting enough fiber including reduced cholesterol and blood sugar.  The regime is very simple:
    1. Take the product twice a day
    2. Take the product with 16 oz of water
  • Each time you open your bowels you should try to completely empty. If you want to make sure, use a bulb enema as directed with no more than 100 ml volume.  Now comes a warning.  Using any form of enema should be restricted to the times you feel the need for extra assurance of cleanliness before bottoming.  Enemas or Douches should not be used casually or for normal everyday toileting.  Doing so can cause your bowel to become dependent on enemas to evacuate stool.

Don’t over douche.  Too much water can dry out the lining of your bowel.  Excessive volumes of fluid can stretch your bowel over time leading to many issues including chronic constipation and altered nerve control over the defecation process.  It is not necessary to perform a high colonic irrigation.  A gentle rinse of the terminal end of the bowel is all that is needed.

The desire to open your bowels is a common feeling with penetration.  If you have consolidated your stool by adding fiber and enough water, feel empty and clean after opening your bowels, douched / or not, the feeling should pass after some time as there is no material present.  Gain more confidence and understanding about this feeling and try stimulating your anal canal and rectum with your finger or a dildo after you have completed your preparation.  If you feel like you need to defecate it will be because of one of two things.  It will simply be a reflex that feels like you need to defecate and will stop when your body realizes you are completely empty, or, you were not effective in one or more of your preparation steps.

If you need help, ask.  Don’t waste valuable time. Our team is here to help you reach your goals.

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