Can Yoga Help With ED?

For men who are trying to improve their ability to get and maintain an erection, there are great at-home options for improving penile health. It is widely understood that exercise of any kind will improve just about all functions in the body, resulting in faster metabolism, stronger muscles, healthier vascular tissue, etc. Erectile function can be significantly impacted in a positive way by various kinds of exercise, and yoga specifically can be one of the best options for men who also suffer from pelvic muscle tightness and premature ejaculation.

The essence of yoga is about becoming more in tune with one’s breath, body, and mind. The positions are not designed to be easy, so focusing on conserving energy and controlling breathing is important when participating. The slow, calculated movements and the sometimes-awkward positions can help stretch muscles that rarely get used in daily life. These practices of controlled breathing, stretching, bending, and focusing your thoughts with yoga can be directly translated into healthy sex practices.

In a study from the International Society for Sexual Medicine, researchers examined the  effect yoga may have on male sexual functioning. The 65 participating men practiced yoga for about one hour per day, either in the morning or evening, for 12 weeks. Basic technique and poses were taught to the participants before the study began, along with training in healthy breathing practices post-workout to “relax those muscles that had been stretched during yoga referred to as ‘differential relaxation.’” The results of the study were statistically significant with an overall improvement in sexual function of 11.81%. Areas of improvement included intercourse satisfaction (24.6%), ejaculation control (20.6%), and erection quality (14.15%). 

The researchers in this study suspected that yoga would improve overall sexual functioning. Their results were very positive and hypothesized that “a combination of better tone of pelvic muscles, improvement of endothelial function, autonomic control, reduced anxiety, and better mood could be responsible for improvement.” Whether or not you can find a full hour in your day for some yoga, staying active and committing to some exercise is important for your overall health and sexual health.

Learn more about how exercise and a healthy diet can dramatically improve your sexual health. If you’re experiencing any form of sexual dysfunction, contact us for a free phone consultation to learn more about how we can help.

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