How To Be Consistent With Your Workouts When Your Schedule is NOT

One of the toughest challenges people face with consistency when it comes to an exercise regimen, is a schedule that is constantly changing. Executives with frequent meetings, doctors with evening hours on certain days of the week, and busy parents shuffling kids around to different daily activities. I am a victim myself of someone who has certain days that start extremely early, and others going very late. People ask me how I stay so consistent with 5-6 days of exercise per week? Well here’s a great tip to try that I utilize myself!

Due to our busy schedules, nowadays people rely on cell phone calendars to block out appointments and time slots for different daily tasks. I highly recommend treating your workout as an appointment with yourself. Exercise and lifestyle habits are directly correlated to your sexual and reproductive health. Block out the time in your schedule and don’t overlook it. If you had a 2:00 P.M. doctors appointment for your yearly physical, would you miss it?? Absolutely not, and the same rules should apply for your workouts.

Every Sunday, take a few minutes and sit down with the calendar in front of you, and schedule “workout appointments” with yourself. Put them in the calendar, and treat them like you would any other appointment. After a few weeks of this, the schedule might become second nature to you, but if your schedule is constantly changing on a week to week basis, make sure to take the time to get yourself set up for the week with a schedule so you don’t realize on Friday, that you only got to the gym one time so far that week. Give it a shot!

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