You Don’t Need to Come Out to Us.

We know that men have sex with men for many reasons and under many circumstances. Gay men’s primary sexual and romantic relationships are with other men. Some men identify as bisexual or pansexual. Other men may exclusively be in romantic relationships with women while also having sexual experiences with men. Regardless of the social labels, if you are a man who is having sex with other men, you have unique needs, and there’s a place for you at Maze.

In our culture, men are pressured to live their lives according to social scripts that set very confining limits on sexual and emotional expression. Men who are not exclusively heterosexual are often labelled as “other” or “less than.” They have to choose if, when, and how they disclose their romantic and sexual interests to partners, friends, and family. Many couples maintain the appearance of monogamy socially while in practice they are ethically non-monogamous, experiencing consensual sexual and romantic relationships with more than one partner. The team at Maze can offer you nonjudgmental support as you navigate any or all of these challenges.

At Maze, we prioritize treating you as a whole person. We know that men who have sex with men face additional stressors that extend beyond sexual functioning. Maximizing your sexual satisfaction requires understanding the relationship between your physical and emotional health. Members of our team are knowledgeable about the diverse sexual experiences of men who seek out our care. You may have struggled with coming out to your medical provider or therapist in the past, but you don’t need to worry about coming out to us. Men of all sexual orientations, consensual behaviors, and consensual relationship models will receive respectful, professional care from our knowledgeable clinicians.

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